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Why did the well-known investment bank Morgan Stanley choose to add Bitcoin exposure?



Another good news for Bitcoin emerged this week, as banking giant Morgan Stanley submitted another document to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to gain exposure to Bitcoin. According to the document, 12 Morgan Stanley investment funds will allocate funds in bitcoin financial products.  

Morgan Stanley's investment funds eligible for indirect exposure to Bitcoin include Dennis Lynch-managed Counterpoint Global Portfolio, Asia Opportunity Portfolio, Growth Portfolio, Inception Portfolio, International Advantage Portfolio, and others. the

More than 60 well-known investment institutions have established investment partnerships with DAEX: On June 9, DAEX announced the formal establishment of the "DAEX FUND" investment community. More than 60 well-known investment institutions and public chain foundations including DFJ Dragon Fund and Leading Capital attended the launching ceremony.

DAEX FUND focuses on distributed exchanges, wallets, cross-chain, asset management and other track investments. The DAEX Foundation will use the first phase of 100 million DAX and ETH capital to invest in these tracks, and cooperate with major investment institutions to Including Liaode Capital, JRR, Quantum Chain Foundation, J One Capital, ChainPE, Eight-Dimensional Capital, InnoNext, Leiying Technology, Haru Capital, etc., who have rich investment experience in blockchain exchanges, wallets and other vertical segments More than 60 well-known investment institutions jointly build a healthy distributed trading and clearing ecosystem. [2018/6/12]

The funds will be able to invest in cash-settled bitcoin futures contracts or shares in the Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) offered by Grayscale, with investments in bitcoin operating through an exempt subsidiary governed by Cayman Islands law.

True Chain (TRUE) was rated A+ by WalletInvestor, a well-known investment forecasting agency: According to the evaluation of WalletInvestor, a well-known foreign investment forecasting agency, True Chain is considered to be a very good long-term investment project worth holding for more than one year. The agency uses machine learning and artificial intelligence technology analysis methods to update the assessment results every 3 minutes based on the latest prices. [2018/5/16]

The document states that if the regulation of the underlying changes, so should investing in bitcoin futures. In addition, Morgan Stanley said these financial derivatives traded relatively lightly compared to other futures and could be subject to manipulation. the

Robinhood, a well-known American investment software with zero transaction fees, has added 800,000 new users since the 25th: Robinhood, a well-known American investment software, has started to support the purchase of Bitcoin and Ethereum, and there are no transaction fees, and the number of new users has reached 800,000 since the 25th . [2018/1/28]

Morgan Stanley regards fluctuations in fund premiums as one of its potential investment risks based on its possible holdings of GBTC shares. Prices have "historically" traded at a premium or discount to Bitcoin's price, and in fact research firm Skew noted that the GBTC premium turned negative in March, hitting an all-time low of around -10%.

Morgan Stanley’s filing states: “If GBTC is trading at a discount to net asset value, the value of a fund’s investment in GBTC will generally decline, even if the value of Bitcoin held by GBTC does not decline.” 

A few weeks ago, Morgan Stanley revealed that it would give high-net-worth clients exposure to Bitcoin through 3 funds created in partnership with Galaxy Digital and FS Investments, as well as NYDIG, and it appears these investment banks are being driven by client demand made after stress. the

Based on the current macroeconomic conditions, giants such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, PayPal, and BlackRock have announced to expand their bets on Bitcoin or enter the cryptocurrency market. the

Rick Rieder, chief information officer at BlackRock, said recently that in an inflationary economy, investors are forced to look for assets that deliver yield and appreciation. the

Mike McGlone, senior commodity strategist at Bloomberg, said that "bitcoin is experiencing a commodity super cycle" due to the digital trend that is prevalent in the world, and the new crown pneumonia epidemic has exacerbated this trend.

McGlone emphasized that BTC, as a store of value, allows people to easily store, trade, transport and transfer wealth globally for the first time in history. He believes that the world has entered a situation of "paradigm shift" and "domino effect". the

McGlone also pointed out that "any investor on the planet who owns 100 units of a different asset type knows that if they don't allocate 1 or 2 of those units to Bitcoin, they will be in the middle of this digital asset becoming the world's benchmark digital reserve." A period of missed opportunities for assets."

Bitcoin, currently trading at $58,297, continues to remain balanced and volatile, with gains of 11.4% for the week and 17.5% for the month. the

The original text comes from newsbtc, compiled and organized by Blockchain Knight, the English copyright belongs to the original author, please contact the editor for Chinese reprint.


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Why did the well-known investment bank Morgan Stanley choose to add Bitcoin exposure?

Another good news for Bitcoin emerged this week, as banking giant Morgan Stanley submitted another document to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to gain exposure to Bitcoin. According to the document.

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