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5 must-read articles in the evening | US CFTC Iron Fist BitMEX founder pleads guilty



1. Golden Observation|US CFTC Iron Fist BitMEX Founder Pleads Guilty

According to Bloomberg News on April 7, BitMEX co-founder and former CEO Arthur Hayes has recently pleaded guilty to the US authorities in Hawaii. Under a previous agreement, he was released on $10 million bond pending future proceedings in New York. This news has been reported by the media before. On March 4, The Block obtained news that Arthur Hayes surrendered to the US authorities as early as April 6, and is currently discussing matters related to surrender and court appearance with US prosecutors. click to read

An anonymous account bought 276.6 billion SHIB on Monday night: Jinse Finance reported that the price of SHIB soared 22% on Tuesday to $0.00004950, a record high. Earlier, an anonymous cryptocurrency account bought 276.6 billion Shiba Inu coins on Monday night, spending a total of about $11.5 million. The purchase brings the total Shiba Inu coins held by the cryptocurrency whale to 316.5 billion, worth about $15 million.

With a current market capitalization of $23,947,950,860, SHIB has regained its position as the world's 11th largest cryptocurrency, a status it had previously achieved last weekend. If SHIB wants to rank among the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, SHIB needs to nearly double to catch up with USDC's market capitalization of about $33 billion. [2021/10/27 21:00:56]

2. Golden Observation | How to enjoy the convenient and silky experience of the Ethereum Cross-chain Rainbow Bridge

Golden Evening News | List of important news on the evening of July 13: 12:00-21:00 Keywords: Mellon Bank, BIT Mining, UK, ARK

1. Bank of New York Mellon will provide ETF-related services for Grayscale Bitcoin Trust;

2. Fan Yifei, deputy governor of the central bank: steadily and orderly promote the application of digital renminbi in key scenarios of the Winter Olympics;

3. BIT Mining privately issued 50 million US dollars to purchase mining machines and build new overseas data centers;

4. Bank of England: Cryptocurrency "spillover effect" poses a threat to mainstream financial markets;

5. Ethereum client Nethermind: Difficulty bombs and EIP-3554 are defenses against attackers trying to fork the chain;

6. DeFiPie, the lending protocol on the Binance Smart Chain, was hacked;

7. The DeFi Education Fund has sold 500,000 UNI, and will sell all the remaining UNI in the next 24 hours;

8. Cunliffe, Deputy Governor of the Bank of England: Cryptocurrencies have not yet begun to pose financial stability risks;

9. British police seized 180 million pounds worth of cryptocurrency;

10. ARK Ark Fund bought more than 38,000 shares of Coinbase yesterday. [2021/7/13 0:49:19]

On April 6, the open network NEAR Protocol announced that the Ethereum cross-chain rainbow bridge has been officially launched, and all ERC 20 tokens can be seamlessly transferred between NEAR and Ethereum. So what is Rainbow Bridge? How will it be used? click to read

News | Bitfinex transferred about 5 million USDT to Tether Treasury at night: At 22:19 Beijing time, the Bitfinex wallet address (starting with 1KIKJEfdJtap9QX2) transferred about 5 million USDT to the Tether Treasury wallet address (starting with 1NTMakcgVw). [2019/4/27]

3. NFT technology stack: Maybe only imagination can constrain NFT?

In the previous article, we explained the concept and classification of NFT. In this article, we’ll take a further in-depth look at the NFT technology stack and some use cases that have grown well over the past few months. This article explains the NFT technology stack and application cases in detail. click to read

4. Must read: How do banks identify money laundering involving cryptocurrencies?

The law requires banks and financial institutions to comply with legal and regulatory guidance to combat money laundering, terrorism and tax evasion, and to manage the risks of these illicit financial activities. Every legitimate bank and financial institution must incorporate compliance and risk management into their short- and long-term business plans and strategies, so when dealing with cryptocurrencies, they also need to incorporate crypto compliance. So, how do banks identify money laundering involving cryptocurrencies? click to read

5. Vitalik's latest discussion: Separate pricing for storage and dual-track EIP1559

This article is a latest discussion proposed by Vitalik in the Ethereum Researcher Forum, which is a recombination of the ideas on the practical implementation of EIP1559 proposed by the Ethereum research scientist Barnabé Monnot. The following is the translation of the original text. The team has annotated some words and made some deletions. Click to read


What should be the crime for the three hundred million police who broke the warehouse?

According to reports from the self-media, Gao, a senior executive of a blockchain security company, lost 300 million by shorting Bitcoin.

Golden Morning Post | The new algorithmic stable currency FeiProtocol announced the closure of the burn mechanism

Headlines ▌The new algorithmic stablecoin FeiProtocol announced the closure of the burn mechanism The new algorithmic stablecoin FeiProtocol announced the closure of the burn mechanism to deal with the previous incent.

The currency circle is popular again in the art collection field.Investment in new products or the beginning of change? Can NFT continue to write the Bitcoin legend?

Investing in ethereum-based digital art is taking off, with cryptocurrency investors starting to pour tens of millions of dollars into it. A GIF picture named "Nyan Cat" (Nyan Cat) once sold for 590.

5 must-read articles in the evening | US CFTC Iron Fist BitMEX founder pleads guilty

1. Golden Observation|US CFTC Iron Fist BitMEX Founder Pleads GuiltyAccording to Bloomberg News on April 7.

Fei lost hundreds of millions of dollars after closing the burn mechanism, and the future of the algorithmic stable currency is uncertain

On the morning of April 8th, Beijing time, when the algorithmic stablecoin project Fei was involved in huge controversy.

Find New|Coinversation Protocol: Polkadot-based synthetic asset issuance agreement and contract trading platform

"Find New" is a blockchain project observation project launched by Jinse Finance. It covers the development of projects in various fields of the industry, and the specific design includes project overview.

Polkadot officially announced the Kusama network slot auction rules

The key to Kusama's scalable multi-chain architecture is that parachains connect to the network by renting a slot on the relay chain through a permissionless auction. As Polkadot's canary network.