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When does the Kusama auction start? Why does my DOT always fail to transfer?



Recently, I have received a lot of private messages from my classmates about auctions and pledges, so I held an online live broadcast yesterday to answer some of your questions. For the questions with more questions, it is also organized into text version for your reference.

PolkaWorld will regularly hold "Ask if you don't understand" live Q&A activities in the future, hoping to help everyone better understand the progress and mechanism of Polkadot.

1. When will the Kusama auction start?

After a round of auction and crowd lending function tests, the Rococo network has completed another bug fix and upgrade, and has now been successfully restarted. Parity is monitoring its stability before opening parachain registration to the community. Gavin is working on some incompatible changes that will change the way parachains implement XCM, and once that's done, feel free to open channels and play around. In the new version of this update, the size of the maximum cross-chain message has been greatly increased, so everyone will have enough freedom to test this time.

dTrade is about to launch an on-chain derivatives platform based on Kusama: On November 1, the on-chain derivatives platform dTrade announced that it will be deployed on Moonriver, the leading network of Moonbeam, and become a decentralized derivatives platform on Kusama, the leading network of Polkadot. At the same time, dTrade also announced that Firefly has become its parent platform and will be deployed on Polkadot. At the end of June this year, Moonriver successfully won the Kusama slot auction. [2021/11/1 6:24:33]

There are currently 550 validators on Rococo, but not all validators are participating in the consensus of the parallel chain. Polkadot co-founder Robert is solving this problem by using all validators in the consensus of the parallel chain, which means that this time After the restart, Parity and the parachain team will increase the number of verifiers for each parachain to the greatest extent (the current setting is 5, I believe it will slowly increase to 10 in the next few days), and conduct stability tests.

Kusama launched the twelfth round of slot auction, with participation of Picasso, CrustShadow, etc.: October 25 news, the twelfth round of slot auction on Kusama will start at around 17:33 on October 5, 2021, and the highest bidder is currently The cross-chain virtual machine Composable's Kusama Pioneer Network Picasso has about 57,000 KSM. Other participants include Bit.Country Pioneer of the Polkadot ecological Metaverse Bit.Country, Integritee Network, a privacy computing project, Crust Shadow of the distributed storage protocol Crust, and Robonomics, an IoT platform. [2021/10/25 20:55:43]

It is estimated that it will take one to two weeks for testing at the earliest. If there are no problems, the Kusama network should be launched. According to the parachain launch process mentioned earlier by Gavin, the Kusama network will first pass the governance vote (the normal time for voting is 7 days of voting + 8 days of execution, if the technical committee speeds up the voting, it will take 3 hours of voting and will be directly executed ) to launch a system parachain Statemint, and then open the parachain that needs to pass the auction. Therefore, a rough estimate that is not guaranteed is that at least one week and at most four weeks after Statemint is launched (the Kusama online auction and crowd lending functions may also be activated through governance, and the voting time is the same as above) before the Kusama auction will start. However, this is No promise's prediction, Expect chaos.

Bifrost Kusama slot auction reservation will end at 19:00 on June 9th. Reservation: Bifrost Kusama slot auction reservation stage will end at 19:00 on June 9th. There are only 8 hours left for the reservation channel to open. As of now, there have been 42,587 KSM addresses successfully participate in the reservation on the chain. In addition, Bifrost will announce the official start time of Bifrost Kusama slot auction at the press conference at 19:00 on June 10, and the live broadcast of the conference can be watched online through Polkaworld. [2021/6/9 23:23:26]

2. What is the use of launching Statemint?

According to the official information released by Polkadot, Statemint is a general-purpose asset parachain planned and proposed by Parity, and will be one of the first public interest parachains. This parachain provides the ability to deploy assets in the Polkadot and Kusama networks. Judging from the video released by Gavin on the Beijing meetup, the function of Statemint is very simple, that is, it is specially used for asset issuance. For projects that cannot bid for parachains at the first time, everyone may also issue tokens based on Statemint for circulation. Including USDT, Statemint will also be used to issue USDT stablecoins on Polkadot. Tether’s CTO Paolo Ardoino announced a few days ago that USDT will be issued on Statemint after its launch.

TokenPocket wallet officially released Polkadot and Kusama versions: According to official news, on December 25, TokenPocket wallet officially released Polkadot and Kusama versions. After the updated version, users can perform basic functions such as Polkadot and Kusama account registration, transaction transfer, proposal voting, pledge, and ecological governance in the TP wallet.

At the same time, all TokenPocket parachains developed based on the Substrate framework can be quickly supported. Without the need to release a new version, "one-click support for parachains" can be realized to meet the chain's core functions such as transaction transfers, proposals, and governance. After the parachain auction starts, both project parties and users can use TokenPocket to pledge DOT/KSM and participate in slot auctions.

TokenPocket, a multi-chain digital asset wallet, has provided reliable digital asset management services for nearly 10 million users around the world, with users in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, and more than 200,000 daily active-zce users. TokenPocket has become a competitive wallet on BTC, ETH, TRON, EOS, BSC, HECO and other public chains. TokenPocket has a built-in DApp application store that supports thousands of decentralized finance (DeFi) such as UniSwap, JustSwap, MakerDAO, and Organix. [2020/12/26 16:34:37]

3. If I want to use KSM or DOT to support a team as a parachain, is there a minimum and maximum limit?

Theoretically, there is no minimum amount of KSM/DOT support, but there will be an upper limit, which depends on the maximum amount of public loans the team needs and how much rewards they are willing to distribute, so there must be a maximum limit, but the team does not need this limit. different. You can choose according to the team when the auction officially starts.

4. Will Polkadot be listed on Coinbase?

At present, there is no official announcement of Polkadot related information. Although everyone hopes to go online, let's look forward to it!

5. Why can't my DOT be transferred out of the wallet?

In order to reduce the dust account, the available balance of each DOT account needs to keep at least one DOT, so if you want to transfer all DOT, when there is no DOT left, or when transferring less than 1 DOT to an empty account, it will appear Failure situation. If you want to transfer all DOT out and plan to give up your account, you can turn off the keep-alive option when transferring.

6. Why is my DOT always unsuccessful in staking?

There is a minimum pledge amount for staking DOT, and this amount is changing. It currently shows 257 DOT, which means at least 257 DOT are required to successfully stake! You can view the real-time minimum stake here:

Pledge Tutorial: "DOT Mortgage Mining Video Tutorial"

7. Which projects have announced the auction plan?

I sorted out some, you can understand:

Countdown|Karura Parachain Slot Auction Referral Reward Application Guide

ChainX Kusama Parachain Slot Auction Rules

Shiden's Kusama Parachain Auction Strategy and Denomination Plan

Plasm’s PLO plan at a glance: bidding strategy, listing process, lockup airdrop

Plasm will launch the Kusama parachain Shiden, holding PLM can receive SDN tokens 1:1

Phala releases a parachain slot auction guide, and will use up to 5% PHA as an incentive

8. Can I buy a Polkadot pink tshirt?

At present, the only channel is to participate in PolkaWorld's online live broadcast (every Thursday at 7 pm) or offline events (one held in different cities every month) to get it~


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When does the Kusama auction start? Why does my DOT always fail to transfer?

Recently, I have received a lot of private messages from my classmates about auctions and pledges, so I held an online live broadcast yesterday to answer some of your questions. For the questions with more questions.

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