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Timeline of major events in Ethereum in 2021



This article sorts out the timetable of Ethereum's major events in 2021, and the progress will be continuously updated on the WeETH Staker Forum, link:

This article is compiled from Reddit user u/Coldsnap's article on Reddit. There are two main aspects of the major events organized here:

The first is the upcoming Eth1/Eth2 upgrades: Berlin (April), Altair (June), London (July), and Shanghai (2H21).

The second is expansion. The route chosen by Ethereum is to use rollup technology (there are many types, see below) at the beginning (this year), and sharding next year.

The events listed below are not exhaustive and only the more well-known ones are selected.

There are 105,155 unconfirmed transactions on Ethereum: Golden Finance News, according to OKLink data, there are 105,155 unconfirmed transactions on Ethereum, the current network computing power is 315.44TH/s, the network difficulty is 4.18P, and the current currency holding address is 53,372,854 , a year-on-year increase of 138,994, the 24h on-chain transaction volume is 4,523,822.66ETH, and the current average block generation time is 12s. [2021/1/21 16:43:39]

Event Line (will be updated continuously)

All dates have an element of guesswork on my part, please don't take them as team committed times.

Q1 2021 (January to March)

March 18th - Rocketpool final beta testing. in progress.

March 24 - Hermez goes live. Now Tether can be minted on the Ethereum Layer 2 network.

20 million USDC was newly issued on the Ethereum chain: According to Whale Alert data, at 8:02:35 on March 21, Beijing time, 20 million USDC was newly issued on the Ethereum chain, worth about 20 million US dollars, and the transaction hash It is: 0xd49b69a0fc8745528067f0d8c9726da1cfe3cf83c7d55389492f8b973ad2611f. [2020/3/21]

March 24 - Eth1 Rinksby testnet Berlin upgrade. Final phase of testing until April 14th. Everything is going to plan.

Q2 2021 (April to June)

April 14th - Eth1 Berlin upgrade. Track progress here.

Mid-April - RocketPool mainnet launch. Decentralized staking service!

News | Paxos newly issued 10.6 million PAX to the Ethereum network: According to the data on the page on stable coins: at 11:29 on January 06, Paxos, the issuer of PAX, issued a new transaction worth 1,060 PAX to the Ethereum network. million dollars of PAX, the block height is: 9224438. As of now, the total issuance of Paxos ERC20 PAX on the Ethereum network has reached 262,941,732 pieces. DAppTotal hereby invites investors to be alert to market changes and deal with market risks cautiously. [2020/1/6]

April - The next phase of Immutable X goes live - Open Marketplace. It is of great significance to NFT.

April - Initial Optimism / DAI bridge. Removed the first phase of the 7-day optimistic rollup withdrawal lock-up period.

The growth of Bitcoin and Ethereum will make the cryptocurrency market value exceed 500 billion US dollars: According to foreign media analysis, Bitcoin and Ethereum are the two most valuable cryptocurrencies in the global market, and their price growth makes the cryptocurrency market The market capitalization exceeds US$450 billion. Based on the current trend, it is very likely that the market will break through the US$500 billion mark in May. [2018/5/4]

April - Coinbase staking service goes live and corporate listings

Late April - Optimism public testnet goes live.

April - Mainnet with Arbitrum optimistic rollup (according to their announcement of v4 testnet candidate)

April - zkSync 1.x trades fungible tokens in the second layer network.

May - Uniswap v3

Mid-May - Uniswap launches optimistic rollup. Hayden said in this tweet that it will be May 12th.

May - zkSync 2.0 goes live on public testnet

May - zkSync 1.x NFT minting and transfers

June - Altair - Eth2 beacon chain/client upgrade, formerly known as HF1

June 15 - Pass/Fail Hawaii 2022

The detailed specification for the merge. There is a PR for the spec!

Synthetix v3/Synthetic Token Swap on Layer 2 — SNX/ Optimisim Migration Phase 1

Connext P2P Network Launch

StarkNet Planet Phase Release. Single App Rollups

Q3 2021 (July to September)

July - London Upgrade - Eth1 upgrade incorporating EIP-1559 and ice age delays

July - Optimism public mainnet goes live

August - zkSync 2.0 mainnet release. Achieving zk rollup of 20,000 transactions per second.

Eth1/Eth2 merged product testing.

Optimsim enables fast withdrawals with MakerDao

StarkNet Constellation phase release. zk rollup for multiple apps

Argent uses zk rollup to achieve two-layer expansion

Q4 2021 (October to December)

Shanghai Upgrade - Possible Eth1/Eth2 Merger

StarkNet universe phase release. Decentralized zk rollup.

Q1 2022 (January to March)

Ethereum upgrade implements validator withdrawal/cleanup after merge.

2022 TBC

Eth2 Sharding

Eth2 light client

June 21-30 - Hawaii 2022

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Timeline of major events in Ethereum in 2021

This article sorts out the timetable of Ethereum's major events in 2021, and the progress will be continuously updated on the WeETH Staker Forum.

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