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Bitmain's strategic investment in BFT may create a new "Win-Win" mining ecosystem



Carbon Chain Value learned that on April 7, the mining machine giant Bitmain strategically invested in the BitFuFu ( platform.

Bitmain's investment in, a leading enterprise in cloud computing power, not only values the many advantages of BitFuFu, but also adheres to the concept of "openness, cooperation, and win-win" and is willing to cooperate with more Many excellent supply chain partners to achieve long-term mutual benefit and win-win, and continue to enrich and share profits to ecological partners in fields such as mining pools, mines, cloud computing power, and energy reuse.

On December 15, 2020, BitFuFu ( was officially launched. This is the industry's first computing power standardization platform. On the basis of openness and computing power standardization, BitFuFu. A number of Yanxuan mining farms, including Nei, have reached a cooperative relationship of computing power supply.

The Haidian Public Security Bureau notified the dispute over the “Business License Competition for Beijing Bitmain Company”: Jinse Finance News, today the Haidian Public Security Bureau issued an announcement saying: At about 10:00 on May 8, at the Haidian District Government Service Center, the staff issued a During the process of changing the business license, Wang Mouguang (male, 35 years old), He Mouyin (male, 33 years old) and other employees of the company took away the business license and its copy, hindering the issuance process and disrupting the normal working order of the service center. After receiving the alarm, the Haidian Public Security Bureau started work quickly, and has taken compulsory measures against Wang Mouguang, He Mouyin and others according to law, and the case is under further work.

Jinse Finance learned that the competition for Bitmain’s business license occurred on the morning of May 8th, and Jinse Finance is currently verifying this with relevant personnel. For details, please pay attention to the follow-up report of Jine Finance. [2020/5/14]

On February 22, 2021, Bitmain officially reached a strategic partnership with

News | Media: Bitmain may jointly develop a real estate project in Fuzhou with a state-owned enterprise: On December 23, according to Wu Shuo blockchain news, Bitmain may jointly develop a real estate project in Fuzhou with a state-owned enterprise. According to Qichacha, on the 20th of this month, Bitmain changed the legal person of its subsidiary "Fujian Junzhi Technology", introduced Fuzhou Binhai Linkong Development and Construction Co., Ltd., and sold 51% of its shares. [2019/12/23]

After Bitmain completes this strategic investment, it is expected that BitFuFu ( will be further improved in terms of capital and resources.

We know that Bitmain was established in 2013, and it took only eight years to develop from a technology company focusing on the design and development of high-speed and low-power custom chips to a giant in the Bitcoin mining machine industry. It is no exaggeration to say that Bitmain is the number one brand in today's mining machine market. In June last year, Bitmain's market value ranked 7th in the "2020 Hurun China Top 10 Chip Design Private Enterprises". ·Ranked 70th in the 2020 Hurun Global Unicorn List. With Bitmain's alliance, BitFuFu ( will develop more new businesses, and its market share is bound to further expand.

People | Sogou founder Wang Xiaochuan will serve as Bitmain's independent non-executive director: According to hkexnews September 26, Sogou founder Wang Xiaochuan will serve as Bitmain's independent non-executive director. [2018/9/26]

In fact, the Bitcoin mining market has also undergone tremendous changes in the past eight years, from the initial CPU mining, GPU mining, to professional ASIC mining machine mining, mining pool mining, and now to today’s Cloud computing power mining, as the cryptocurrency market enters a new round of bull market, especially after the price of Bitcoin breaks through 60,000 US dollars and hits a record high, the mining market—especially the cloud computing power mining market is becoming more and more competitive . On the other hand, the investment threshold for mining has become very high now, and it may become higher and higher in the future. In the past, ordinary users could mine with one or two mining machines at home. The paradigm has changed so drastically that there is little room for the average user to survive.

In this market environment, as the world's first cloud computing power platform to propose the concept of "computing power standardization", BitFuFu ( packages multiple models through computing power cutting and intelligent scheduling to provide standardized Computing service. This means that mining is no longer the "privilege" of professional miners, and ordinary users can easily understand and identify the characteristics of computing power products, and participate conveniently.

News | Bitmain completed the investment in the geek community DoraHacks: It is reported that Bitmain has completed the investment in the geek community DoraHacks, and the specific amount has not been disclosed yet. [2018/7/11]

The combination of Bitmain and BitFuFu ( will form a "Win-Win" win-win situation, because - for Bitmain, investing in BitFuFu ( can be achieved through BitFuFu Infiltrate more potential miner user markets, and then fully link resources such as mining machines, mine farms and mining pools to help the upstream and downstream value-added industries. This is also the first action after the Bitmain Partners Summit, and continues to enrich ecological partners in fields such as cloud computing power, mining pools, mines, and energy reuse, providing a solid guarantee for customers' long-term investment value. At present, BitFuFu ( has launched the joint login function with Bitmain AntPool. Users only need to use one platform account to access the two platforms, effectively avoiding the problems caused by creating, logging in, and managing multiple accounts. It greatly optimizes the user experience, and allows users to quickly allocate resources and "switch freely" between mining machine mining and cloud computing power mining investment modes.

Bitmain: AI chips need to be updated every 9 months: Bitmain proposes that AI chips need to be updated every 9 months. Tang Weiwei, director of product strategy at Bitmain, said, "Compared with the iteration speed of traditional chips, AI algorithm iteration is faster. We quickly put it on the chip according to the needs of the latest algorithm and the common basis of neural network algorithms." At present, the chip industry With the entry of many companies, the competition is becoming increasingly fierce. [2018/3/10]

In addition, users brought in through BitFuFu ( channels can also be converted into potential buyers of Antminers, which is helpful for the sale of their mining machines. In a bull market, mining machines are often hard to find. Bitmain cooperates with the cloud computing power platform to obtain more profit margins in the upstream and downstream of mining machines, mine farms, and mining pools; in a bear market, BitFuFu ( Being able to play the role of "stabilizer", the mining machine can sell the short-term use right of the mining machine through the BitFuFu ( platform, so that it can obtain long-term stable cash flow without giving up the ownership of the mining machine, and the bear market is over You can get more profit by selling the mining machine later.

For BitFuFu (, the investment from Bitmain can further optimize its supply chain, and then better serve customers. Just at the beginning of March 2021, BitFuFu ( took the lead in "grabbing" 8,000 units of the latest flagship ant mining machine S19Pro from Bitmain, and it is expected to be delivered in the second half of this year. As the price of Bitcoin has been hitting new highs recently, the popularity of the mining machine market has also continued to rise, resulting in a situation where one machine is hard to find in the market. However, as Bitmain completed its strategic investment in BitFuFu (, both parties The cooperative relationship will be stronger, which in turn ensures that BitFuFu ( cloud computing power users can get more stable protection and more reliable services.

It is worth mentioning that one of the key reasons that attracted Bitmain to invest in BitFuFu ( is actually its team. We know that the essence of investment is to invest in people. The founding team of BitFuFu ( is a former Bitmain employee and a team member of the Bit Deer project. They all come from first-line Internet companies. All leave. The team is now starting again, making new thinking on the computing power platform, and has also made new service upgrades in terms of mine operation and maintenance, computing power operation and maintenance, computing power guarantee, and customer service.

Bitmain successfully completed the investment in BitFuFu (, and this "start-up" almost surprised the entire cryptocurrency industry.

In terms of the model and basic capabilities of the original cloud computing power, BitFuFu ( will advance in depth to identify, select, absorb and configure mining resources from different sources, different levels, and different structures. For example, expand the scope of C-end target customers, turn cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets and other tool platforms into their own computing power distributors, and at the same time organically integrate them to make the ecology of both parties more organized, systematic and valuable.

More importantly, Bitmain will give BitFuFu ( abundant resource support to help it provide B-end customers with personalized customized services, and promote the concept of "standardization" to mining partners and even more widely encryption industry.

In addition, it is reported that BitFuFu ( is promoting the mining e-commerce model, providing underlying technical support and tailor-made customized services for partners such as computing power suppliers. For computing power providers, not only can the cooperative computing power be launched at the fastest speed, but also the return of funds can be accelerated, which can be used to reinvest in new mining machines and expand their production capacity.

Undoubtedly, this strategic investment will strengthen the partnership between Bitmain and BitFuFu (, and a new "Win-Win" mining ecology is about to emerge.


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