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HyperPay's new generation hardware wallet HyperMate Pro is officially released



HyperPay's next-generation hardware wallet HyperMate Pro was officially released on April 8. Users can follow HyperPay's official website or consult customer service for more information about HyperMate Pro.

This time, HyperMate Pro has obvious changes compared with HyperMate G. It has obvious improvements in appearance and user experience, more powerful functions, and continuous improvement in safety performance.

First, let me show you the comparison of the two versions of the hardware wallet (the lower left is HyperMate Pro, and the lower right is HyperMate G):

HyperCard US dollar virtual card launched in HyperPay wallet: According to official news, HyperCard US dollar virtual card is newly launched in HyperPay wallet. This card is a Visa US dollar prepaid card with no upper limit of recharge amount and can be activated within 48 hours.

HyperCard is a comprehensive consumer card launched by HyperBC, which supports consumption in more than 176 countries and 50 million merchants around the world. It can also be used in multiple terminals such as POS machines & ATMs, and supports binding consumption by three-party payment companies. The HyperCard series includes Euro virtual cards and physical cards, USD virtual cards and physical cards, and supports BTC, ETH, and USDT recharge. [2022/3/1 13:30:54]

The International Organization for Standardization divides the CC evaluation grades from low to high into EAL 1-7 grades. Generally speaking, the security requirements of commercial products are within CC EAL 5, and bank chip debit cards used by the public in daily life require CC EAL5+ security certification. Higher encryption levels like CC EAL6 and CC EAL7 are military grade. HyperMate G and HyperMate Pro inherit the same CC EAL6+, but the Pro version has also made obvious optimizations and improvements in specific details:

HyperDAO applied to become the governance representative of ENS DAO: According to official news, HyperDAO (HDAO for short) applied to become the governance representative of the Ethereum Domain Name System ENS decentralized autonomous organization DAO. The HDAO expressed agreement that name ownership is an absolute right, that registration fees exist as an incentive mechanism, that ENS revenue funds be used for other public goods, and that ENS integrate a global naming system.

As a cryptocurrency startup, HDAO has been exploring the possibility of DAO governance and believes that the biggest obstacle to the Internet Web 3.0 is the lack of UX. At the same time, HDAO is also an early adopter of DAO governance, and believes that DAO is the future trend. [2021/11/9 6:41:47]

Craft details, innovative work

Nornickel Launches Hyperledger-Based Token Backed by Nickel and Copper: Russian mining and smelting giant Nornickel Global Palladium Fund (GPF) announced on Thursday that it will trade on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) and Borsa Italiana (Borsa Italiana). ) to launch ETCs for nickel and copper, and blockchain tokens to prove their authenticity. The tokens will be issued by Nornickel’s tokenization platform Atomize using Hyperledger Fabric. (Coindesk) [2021/6/17 23:44:16]

HyperMate G supports the current mainstream digital currencies, with a total of tens of thousands of types, supports BTC, HC, ETH, BCH, LTC and ERC20 multi-signature functions, supports firmware upgrades, and connects to HyperPay wallets via Bluetooth.

The latest version of Hyperledger Besu v20.10.3 has been released: Ethereum Classic just tweeted that Hyperledger Besu v20.10.3 has been officially released, which contains important additions, improvements and bug fixes to the open source enterprise node client. Ethereum Classic advises node operators to update Besu to the latest version. [2020/12/31 16:10:10]

On the basis of inheriting the functions of the G version, HyperMate Pro has implemented a secondary security upgrade at the physical level, combined with traditional mature security technologies, to prevent user accounts from being illegally hijacked by external factors in extreme cases and ensure that the transaction process is correct.


During the transfer process, the user needs to verify the fingerprint on HyperMate Pro to confirm that the transaction is initiated by himself, which double guarantees the security of the transaction;


News | China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, Ethereum Foundation and Microsoft join Hyperledger: According to coingape reports, Hyperledger announced a group of new members today. Among them, general members include Gloscad, Microsoft, Milligan Partners, Nornickel and Salesforce. New associate members include the Ethereum Foundation and the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT). It is reported that Hyperledger is an industry-wide open source project aimed at promoting blockchain technology and is managed by the Linux Foundation. [2019/6/19]

Users also have a variety of options in creating mnemonic words: users can choose to create 12-digit or 24-digit mnemonic words, and the two standards do not affect the safety factor.

Bluetooth 5.0

Bluetooth 5.0 has a corresponding improvement and optimization for the speed of low-power devices, increasing the transmission speed and increasing the effective working distance.

Optimize user experience

Chinese/English operating language

Improve the problem that HyperMate G only has an English interface, optimize the user experience, and support Korean, Italian, and Arabic in succession;

Keys are softer and more delicate

From the above points, we can see that HyperMate Pro has made a lot of optimizations in the details, so that users can get a better experience.

The appearance is more textured and three-dimensional

From the appearance alone, the appearance of the Pro version is more plump and three-dimensional than the G version: the display screen is larger and the operation buttons are more intuitive.

The Pro version also changes the structure of the original horizontal version. The design is simpler and the volume is slightly increased, but it still retains the portability feature.

The box content-zce of the new hardware wallet HyperMate Pro will have the following components:

HyperMate Pro device*1

Mnemonic board*1

Security Card Package*1

USB charging cable*1

Mnemonic Word Pad Instructions*1

Operation Manual*1

Instructions for using the security card package*1

Mnemonic Phrasebook*1

Quick-drying oil-based pen*1

The mnemonic board matched with HyperMate Pro is made of specific aluminum alloy materials combined with laser laser technology, which is fireproof and waterproof; the custom-made quick-drying oil-based pen can keep words and colors for a long time under natural conditions.

The mnemonic manual is based on the Bitcoin mnemonic generation specification, and the mnemonic is randomly generated from a fixed 2048 words. Users can record one or more words in the mnemonic according to custom shift rules, so as to achieve the purpose of secondary encryption. the

After using the hardware wallet, the user should keep the hardware wallet in the security card case. The security card case is made of special blended metal fiber material, which can effectively shield the Bluetooth signal and isolate electromagnetic interference. Users do not need to worry about external malicious Bluetooth connection attacks.

Compatible with DeFi to ensure the safety of funds

Since the beginning of 2021, the DeFi market has continued to heat up. In February, the trading volume of the DEX market reached approximately US$72.89 billion, a new record high, an increase of US$12 billion compared to January. At present, the total lock-up volume in the DEX market has reached 19.48 billion US dollars, of which more than 70% of the lock-up volume was newly added in the past 3 months.

There are also hidden risks under the phenomenon-level mania that is in full swing: MetaMask, the beneficiary of the current DeFi mining boom, as a plug-in wallet, frequent access to the Internet means an increased risk of asset theft. In life, it is difficult for us to completely avoid clicking on unfamiliar links , A wrong operation may cause damage to one's own funds, but participating in DeFi mining through hardware wallets can largely avoid the risk of private key exposure and theft.

The function of the hardware wallet is to isolate the private key from the network, and to isolate your private key from the public key. At the same time, the hardware wallet needs physical button operation to call the private key to sign for confirmation. Therefore, using HyperMate Pro to participate in DeFi can protect the safety of funds to a large extent, and users can rest assured to connect to the DeFi world through HyperMate Pro.


HyperMate has never stopped pursuing the margin of safety, paying attention to every security detail in the transaction process, only to provide users with a more secure and easy-to-use hardware wallet. Users also need to pay attention to keeping the mnemonic words in the process of using HyperMate Pro Information, do a good job in the protection of personal assets, through bulls and bears, safety is king.


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HyperPay's new generation hardware wallet HyperMate Pro is officially released

HyperPay's next-generation hardware wallet HyperMate Pro was officially released on April 8. Users can follow HyperPay's official website or consult customer service for more information about HyperMate Pro.This time.

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