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Friends of Shopkeeper Tong · High-quality Overseas Project Sharing Hangzhou Station is about to open.



Time: 15:00, April 12, Beijing time

Location: CC7-8F, Gonglian, No. 292, WeWork, Yan'an Road, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou

Sponsor: Node Consulting CapitalN

Co-Sponsor: FLLSwap  Saffron

Co-sponsored by the media: Jinse Finance  Blocklike

Partners: Lingzong Security, TrustBase, AOFEX, FilDA, Waves

New Study Shows: DeFi Is More Scalable Than Traditional Finance: Despite prevailing market conditions for much of 2022, decentralized finance (defi) still shows greater scalability than traditional finance, according to a new report from Jinse Finance. Great expansion potential. According to Hashkey Capital's year-end report, decentralized finance (defi) has "the potential to scale many times over the traditional financial industry." In addition to scaling potential, the report suggests that DeFi protocols are also resilient and likely to emerge unscathed from black swan events such as the Terra luna/UST crash. [2022/12/22 22:01:33]

Friends of Shopkeeper Tong

Shopkeeper Tong’s friends are well-known blockchain IPs in China. Its content-zce includes blockchain interview videos, Meetups, offline activities, online audio activities, etc. Discuss and share various topics in the blockchain field. For each event, Shopkeeper Tong will invite global hot project parties, investors, and institutional guests to explain their views and share wealth opportunities.

More than 20% of the US CFTC's enforcement actions in 2022 are related to cryptocurrencies: Jinse Finance reported that the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) filed 82 enforcement actions in fiscal year 2022, of which up to 22% were related to cryptocurrency entities. The CFTC cited enforcement actions for fiscal year 2022 in a report, including charges against Tether and Bitfinex, which were settled last October for a total of $42.5 million.

In a press statement, CFTC Chairman Rostin Behnam wrote: “In the face of unprecedented financial market conditions that directly affect U.S. consumers, emerging technological disruption and growing retail investor participation, the CFTC remains steadfast in its commitment to strong A robust enforcement program to ensure that the markets we regulate are open, transparent, fair and competitive.” (CoinDesk) [2022/10/21 16:34:00]


KuCoin launches "Anti-FUD Fund" to track down FUD spreaders and may take legal action: According to news on July 27, Johnny Lyu, CEO of cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin, said that the company is launching an "Anti-FUD Fund" to Track down “FUDers” and possibly take legal action against them, while educating cryptocurrency users on misinformation. According to Lyu, the Anti-FUD Fund will cover three aspects, starting with education, "transmitting knowledge, including what is FUD and how to distinguish FUD" through online and offline means. The fund will also inspire and spread praise for responsible industry leaders and influencers, helping fans or product users avoid FUD. Ultimately, the fund will seek to target and pursue legal action against individuals who "willfully spread FUD." (Cointelegraph)[2022/7/27 2:40:48]

The full name is Future Link League, that is, the Future Link League, which intends to freely create alliances, jointly govern and share the alliance economy in the future decentralized world. FllSwap is a decentralized trading platform developed based on OKExChain. The project mainly solves the bottlenecks of impermanent losses and high slippage costs in current decentralized AMM exchanges. FllSwap has improved the traditional AMM (Automatic Market Maker) algorithm, introduced the CFMM algorithm, and combined it with the community dividend mechanism. FllSwap optimizes the algorithm, adopts a constant mean function to minimize impermanent losses, and supplements the income outside the algorithm through the community dividend model, aiming to develop a user-friendly user that is easy to use, understand, and promote platform.

NBA Top Shot sales in February were US$47.5 million, a month-on-month decrease of 19.35%: According to news on March 7, NBA Top Shot NFT sales fell sharply in February, down 19.35% from January. February proved to be a difficult month for investors in the crypto space. DEX, digital asset prices, mining revenue, and sales of several major NFT series, including NBA Top Shot, all fell sharply. According to data from BeIn Crypto Research, in February 2022, NBA Top Shot sales will be approximately $47.5 million, a decrease of $11.4 million from January. Sales of NBA Top Shot in February 2021 were $224 million, an increase of 452% compared to January 2021.

From the statistics provided, it can be inferred that the sales of NBA Top Shot in February 2022 fell by 78% year-on-year. Three factors contributed to the decline in revenue from NBATopShot sales: increased supply, lower market prices for "moments," and a sharp drop in independent buyers. (BeInCrypto) [2022/3/7 13:43:03]


Saffron was started by anonymous developer Psykeeper. Saffron aims to migrate billions of dollars worth of income-based financial products in the traditional financial market from centralized financial institutions to the decentralized financial field, thereby balancing its risks and benefits for individuals and institutions in the DeFi field. Investors can use rich encrypted assets to obtain income, while being able to control risks. Saffron is committed to building bridges between traditional markets and the DeFi field, migrating billions of dollars of investable assets from traditional debt and fixed income markets to encrypted capital markets. Saffron allows liquidity providers to mortgage encrypted assets on its platform, and provide corresponding customized risk exposures according to their required risk and return expectations. The Saffron protocol will automatically connect liquidity to third-party DeFi lending platforms. To date, Saffron Protocol has over $50 million in Total Locked Volume (TVL) in its asset pool.


TrustBase is a Polkadot parachain based on the Substrate framework. It independently develops the Subscript smart contract language and supports a variety of tool plug-in applications and smart contract deployment. As an infrastructure project in the Polkadot ecosystem, TrustBase has been supported by the Web3 Foundation Grant. Committed to providing traditional developers with a lighter-weight language that can easily deploy Polkadot native smart contracts, and assist developers to participate in Polkadot ecological construction without barriers, forming Polkadot-TrustBase parallel chain-a powerful multi-dwelling development of smart contracts ecology.

AOFEX is the world's leading digital financial derivatives exchange. AOFEX Exchange is located in London, UK, and its Asia-Pacific headquarters is in Singapore. It has obtained the US MSB digital currency trading license and provides high-quality personal butler services for 1.35 million community members 24 hours a day. The backbone team has been deeply involved in the financial and high-tech fields all year round, providing strategic planning for a large number of high-tech enterprises, and providing core services to many financial institutions. It has very strong global strategic operation capabilities and rich experience in financial risk control and management.


FilDA is the world's first cross-chain lending project based on the Huobi ecological chain HECO, aiming to build a world-leading decentralized financial comprehensive service platform for multi-chain assets such as H-series assets + Ethereum + ELA. At the same time, FilDA is the first to create seamless cross-chain connection loan mining. It supports four tokens of HT, ELA, USDT, and FIL to participate in mining when it goes online. Anyone who holds HT, ELA, USDT, and FIL can mine, further reducing the threshold for participating in DeFi, and allowing more people to participate in the feast of financial reform.


Waves Enterprise is an enterprise-grade blockchain platform for building fault-tolerant digital infrastructures. It can provide high data privacy and throughput in the form of private or hybrid networks, as well as configurable encryption tailored to local standards and language-independent smart contracts. Now, it has more than 40 customers and partners around the world, most of them are technology-focused companies such as Microsoft, Rostelecom, Alfa-Bank, Ontology, etc.


First video | "Ouyi teaches you to learn K-line" Section 7: If you leave "it", why can't we talk about the trend?

Jinse Finance and Ouyi OKEx launched K-line basic videos to users. Users will learn K-line related knowledge through videos.

Behind Bitcoin's $60,000 mark: Why do bullish investors keep liquidating their positions?

"No one knows where the apex of Bitcoin's rally is now." A Wall Street hedge fund manager told reporters with emotion.As of 18:00 on April 2, the price of Bitcoin was hovering around $59,527 per coin.

The biggest obstacle to the rise of currency prices is this

Madman writes every analysis article with a responsible, focused, and sincere attitude, with distinctive features, no artificiality.

Friends of Shopkeeper Tong · High-quality Overseas Project Sharing Hangzhou Station is about to open.

Time: 15:00, April 12, Beijing timeLocation: CC7-8F, Gonglian, No. 292, WeWork, Yan'an Road, Shangcheng District.

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In the first quarter of 2021, the cryptocurrency market gave everyone a happy answer. Period: The return rate of Bitcoin is about 100.02%; the return rate of Ethereum is about 162.17%; the return rate of DeFiPulse ind.

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Recently, the words "escape" and "run" are often seen in the currency circle.Shenyu posted on her blog yesterday: "What woke me up was the sound of the trumpet to escape." Why do people in the currency circle want to.