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When will Bitcoin break through the super pressure?



Madman writes every analysis article with a responsible, focused, and sincere attitude, with distinctive features, no artificiality, and no exaggeration!

The information and data in this content-zce come from publicly available information, and strive to be accurate and reliable, but we do not make any guarantees for the accuracy and completeness of the information. This content-zce does not constitute investment advice, and investment based on it is at your own risk.

Madman Says

Around $60,000, the positive news of Bitcoin is emerging one after another, but the currency price still has not broken through, which shows that the suppression of short sellers at this position is still quite strong. In the past two days, the currency price has basically fluctuated within a narrow range. The relevant good news is as follows :

Paypal allows U.S. consumers to pay with cryptocurrencies through Paypal wallets;

Visa announced that it will allow USDC to be used for transactions on its payment network;

CME launches mini bitcoin futures contracts to give more small and medium investors opportunities to participate;

The release of Biden's 2 trillion infrastructure plan lowered the market's tightening expectations;

Messari Screeners data: DOT is the most popular encrypted asset for many institutions: Analyst Mason Nystrom tweeted that according to Messari Screeners data, he has tracked more than 35 large venture capital and hedge funds including Coinbase Ventures, Pantera, Polychain, a16z, etc. For all investment portfolios, the most commonly held assets are DOT, KEEP, UNI, etc. [2021/4/27 21:04:44]

JPMorgan Chase believes that the long-term value of Bitcoin will reach 130,000 yuan, and it is expected that institutions will vigorously adopt Bitcoin; (news today)

Coinbase was approved for listing and traded on Nasdaq on April 14. It is worth noting that the average monthly income of Coinbase in the first quarter exceeded 400 million US dollars, a record high. Based on this calculation, the annual income will be nearly 5 billion US dollars, which is very scary room for growth. (today's news)

The founder of Grayscale tweeted in the morning: The time for Bitcoin's new high has arrived. (today's news)

Chu Kang: DCEP naturally has cross-border advantages but still faces many challenges: Jinse Finance reported that in the live broadcast of "Golden Hundred Schools Talk | Sword Pointing to Cross-border Payments, DCEP Helps RMB Internationalization" held on December 8, ForTube Co-CEO Chu Kang said in his speech that DCEP absorbs the experience of the development process of cryptocurrencies, which can reduce payment costs, time costs, labor costs, and improve transparency. The possibility of supporting the internationalization of RMB. China is already the second largest economy in the world, and it is also the largest creditor country of the United States. Expanding the international discourse power is the goal that the RMB must achieve. Therefore, the significance of DCEP cross-border payment is much more profound than the superficial "convenience" of payment.

At the same time, the cross-border payment network system is a complex project. Compared with Chinese users, the penetration rate of overseas digital payment is relatively low. Related digital currency wallets, digital currency custody, payment and settlement platforms, etc., all need time to develop and adapt to global users. DCEP is currently replacing the domestic RMB M0, and whether it can go global depends on the recognition of the RMB by the international community. In addition, in the international environment, users may also raise some doubts about the so-called personal privacy of DCEP, and internationalization will face greater challenges. [2020/12/8 14:35:05]

Morgan Stanley has applied for indirect bitcoin investment opportunities for some funds, increasing the possibility of institutions entering the market again through GBTC or bitcoin futures.

News | zkSNARK contract "input aliasing" vulnerability has caused many coin-mixing projects to explode: According to Ambi Labs, a large number of zero-knowledge proof projects have introduced the "input aliasing (Input Aliasing)" vulnerability due to the mistaken use of a certain zkSNARKs contract library. It leads to attacks such as forged certificates, double spending, and replay, and the attack cost is extremely low. Many open source projects in the Ethereum community are affected, including the three most commonly used zkSNARKs zero-knowledge development libraries snarkjs, ethsnarks, and ZoKrates, as well as three recently popular currency mixing (anonymous transfer) applications hopper, Heiswap, and Miximus. In fact, all projects that use the zkSNARKs cryptographic contract library should conduct self-inspection immediately to assess whether it is affected. The fix is simple. It is only necessary to add a check on the size of the input parameter in the verification function, forcing the input value to be smaller than the q value mentioned above. That is, it is strictly forbidden to "enter a pseudonym", and it is strictly forbidden to use multiple numbers to represent the same point. Fortunately, the current common zkSNARKs contract libraries have been updated quickly to prevent "entering pseudonyms" from the underlying library level. SECBIT Labs believes that the update of the underlying library can indeed eliminate the security risks of subsequent users to a large extent, but if the seriousness of the problem is not widely publicized and disseminated, there will still be developers who unfortunately use it. The wrong version of the code, or developed according to the wrong tutorial, thus burying security risks. [2019/7/29]

There have been so many positives in the past two days, and the price of the currency is still below 60,000. The madman is still not sure whether he can break through directly. At present, the mainstream currency is generally stronger than the pie. As long as the mainstream currency (Ethereum, Polkadot) , Monero and other strong tokens) can hit a new record high, and the supplementary increase behind Bitcoin is a high probability event. Therefore, the main focus of these two days is still on the mainstream currency. The overall bull market atmosphere has not changed. It should be based on Be cautious and see more.

Many members of the EOS community expressed their opinions on the blocking of voting or because of loopholes discovered before going online: according to Coindesk, in view of the fact that the mainnet voting is difficult to reach 15%, EOS SW/Eden member Vahid Toosi said that the big dealers are waiting and watching. Want to see how other bookmakers vote to change their decisions at any time. The lack of participation of professional investors made many investors choose to wait and see.

Syed Jafri of EOS Cafe Calgary said that most people are waiting for the review to confirm that it is safe.

Samani of Multicoin Capital said that one strategy they have is to let investors store their private keys in cold wallets. The only thing that can support voting now is the hot wallet. We will not participate in voting until the cold wallet can vote. He is sure that many large currency holders think the same way. Jari doesn't think it's about hot and cold wallets, but because several "epic-level" vulnerabilities broke out before going online. Users want to confirm that the chain is safe, and building trust is slow. [2018/6/12]

The research report shows that the coins listed on Coinbase are much stronger than other exchanges. The average increase of tokens after Coinbase listing is 91%, and the overall income ranges from 32-645% after 5 days, while the average increase of other exchanges is 20%, 5 Tianhou's return is -25%-+60%. This set of data supports the views repeatedly emphasized by past madmen. If you don’t know how to choose a small currency, the currency listed on Coinbase is the best choice.

Recently, 12,003 bitcoins have flowed out from Coinbase, indicating that the movement of institutions to buy and withdraw coins still exists, and the overall speed is not too fast, which should be directly related to the price of bitcoin itself.

The USDT premium rate is 2.44%. The price of Bitcoin has not risen, and the price of OTC has continued to rise, indicating that the demand for stablecoins is extremely strong.

Encryption companies raised about US$2.6 billion in the first quarter, exceeding the total amount of 2.3 billion last year, which shows that the violent bull market is still going on. It is still unknown when the madness will reach the extreme. At least this industry is in a thriving state.

Tether issued an additional 1.2 billion USDT. This wave of funds was quite ruthless. It has not been printed for several days. One printing is 1.2 billion, probably to reduce the premium.

The total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies surpassed $2 trillion, an all-time high. Although Bitcoin did not hit a record high, the wild dance of various currencies has brought up the overall market value. The effect of making money is what a bull market should be like.

Grayscale still didn’t buy anything yesterday. The discount rate of GBTC was -8.51%, and the average discount in March was -6%. Look, its products are no longer competitive in the rapidly changing market, and how to transform later will be crucial to the company.


Today, the bulls finally had a chance to touch the head of 60,000, but they were pushed back by the shorts within 30 minutes after being handsome. However, the force of pressing this time was obviously much worse than last time. It was stronger before, and the short position was weaker than before. This change of strength and weakness may lead to a breakthrough of 60,000 US dollars in the near future. Therefore, the overall focus is on holding currency, and patiently wait for the final choice of the market.


Continue to pull up to challenge the previous high today. It has not reached a new high yet. The selling pressure near the previous high is not too large. counterattack.


Today is the climax of unstaking, so the currency price is obviously under pressure. As long as it does not fall, it is expected to link with Ethereum to continue to rise tomorrow, and its strong pressure is also after the new high.


It's not broken, so take it first.


Not going bad, it is a healthy callback trend.


It is not strong in the near future, and the linkage is the main one.


It is near 230 again. The position pressure is quite strong. It seems that there is a chance to strengthen today. You can try to participate again. His promotion is also to wait for the opportunity of the general trend.


The whole is weak, and the linkage is the main one.


Breaking through the high point of this round, the amount of energy is also released, and it is expected to take the lead in Shenglang. You can consider participating in the pullback tomorrow.


Challenge the front height, and the linkage front row is the mainstream.


The current actual circulation is 109.14 million, which is a circulation market value of more than 20 billion US dollars. And if the computing power exceeds the baseline standard, the amount of FIL released by mining will increase, which is not conducive to the continuous upward trend of currency prices. It is not recommended to participate in the medium and long term. If you are willing to fight for a rebound in the short term, you can play by yourself. The logic is that the first big drop of the main Shenglang often has a chance to rebound.


The trend is not particularly strong, we have to wait.


Musk said that he would bring a Dogecoin to the moon, and then the Dogecoin burst into a wave, but then it was locked up and smashed crazily. It is still difficult to go directly in the short term, mainly due to shocks.


The madman reminded investors to unlock it before, but as expected, there was a wave of smashing. At present, there is strong support around $1, and we can wait patiently for a wave of rebound.

There is nothing else to talk about. The overall atmosphere is bullish, and sentiment is high, but there is a big gap between long and short. In this environment, it is a good time to try to break through.


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When will Bitcoin break through the super pressure?

Madman writes every analysis article with a responsible, focused, and sincere attitude, with distinctive features, no artificiality.

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