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The arrival of the new wave of encrypted art



Since the artist Beeple completed the epic auction, the currency circle has completely shattered the traditional perception of the art circle. Under the stimulation of capital, many artists felt the "wind". For a while, encrypted art became a keyword. our "circle of friends".

A futuristic world by Beeple

When artists are actively breaking the circle and embracing encrypted art, what we see is the "wind direction" and "wave". It is undeniable that this wind direction and wave are derived from the operation of capital. Because the power of "art" itself has yet to be considered.

At present, when we discuss encryption art, we still stay at the level of technical value and investment distribution. Looking at the current news, the discussion on encryption art, the redundant art circle in the currency circle, the core of the discussion is also the art of redundant capital, but what art is "encrypted art" is seldom mentioned. This is a market gene and cannot be avoided.

Encrypted art platform Foundation released creator data: $60 million has been earned: According to official news, the encrypted art platform Foundation released NFT creator data today. Three months after the platform was launched, the current creators have earned 18,000 ETH. 60 million U.S. dollars; more than 6,400 NFT collectors participated in bidding on the platform, and the auction transaction volume exceeded 74,000 ETH, which is about 245 million U.S. dollars; At present, there have been multiple collector autonomous organizations such as flamingoDAO, pleasureDAO, and herstoryDAO on the platform. [2021/5/4 21:22:30]

But it also shows that the "art" in encrypted art has a lot of room for discussion, and the artist's road to breaking the circle of encrypted art has just begun.

When we discuss encryption art, if we only discuss "encryption" and do not discuss "art", after the "wave" has passed, we will find that "encryption art" has been swimming naked.

Jules Urbach: How RNDR Became the GPU Computing Platform Leading the Wave of NFT Encryption Art: Jules Urbach: How RNDR Became the GPU Computing Platform Leading the Wave of NFT Encryption Art On March 29, in "RNDR Rendering Network: GPU Computing Leading the Wave of NFT Encryption Art" In the AMA themed "Platform", Jules Urbach, founder of HuobiGlobal's NFT sector project RNDRNetwork, said that NFT is an important cornerstone for realizing an open and decentralized virtual world, and an open and decentralized virtual world is the vision of the RNDR network since its launch in 2017. Jules Urbach introduced that RNDR will introduce some new tools for artists, including casting NFT with deep scene graph verification on the RNDR network, turning ORBX format files into NFT, Generative Art, etc. JulesUrbach also said that NFT has great potential beyond today's digital art. Augmented reality, holographic displays, and real-time immersive streaming will allow us to create NFT content-zce that is now only found in science fiction in a few years. NFT will be able to bind with physical space, and virtual objects recorded on the blockchain will increasingly become a part of people's daily life. [2021/3/29 19:26:18]

When we discuss art, we must discuss it from the perspective of art history. When we talk about the creation of artists, it is only meaningful to talk about the process of artist creation. Sometimes, it is only valuable to discuss the intersection of the artist's creative process as the vertical axis and the blockchain technology environment as the horizontal axis.

The total trading volume of encrypted art has reached 80 million US dollars: On February 9th, according to data from, the total trading volume of the encrypted art market has reached 80 million US dollars, a record, and more than 60,000 pieces of art have been sold so far Taste. Transaction volume in January alone was close to $12 million, and judging by current trends, volume is likely to continue growing in February. It is reported that encrypted art relies on NFT, which is usually issued using Ethereum tokens (ERC-721). (Decrypt) [2021/2/9 19:16:38]

An artist who paints Chinese paintings or traditional oil paintings has never thought about the Internet, numbers, or technology in his previous works, but as long as his works are on the chain, he will break the circle, and he can call himself an encrypted artist. This is obviously a kind of extremely superficial cognition produced after breaking away from the context of creation. Only when the creative process fits the environment, and the thinking fits with the creative carrier, can the characteristics of this kind of art be conveyed.

As for what encryption art is, here I would like to use two cases to illustrate, both of which come from the Xenyi Encryption Art Platform.

Encrypted artist FEWOCiOUS's new works are online on MEME, breaking the new pool record of all MEME artists: on December 30th, the famous artist FEWOCiOUS released a new encrypted art NFT on the NFT platform MEME, and broke the new pool record of all previous artists on MEME. The specific data is that 1334 MEME tokens were deposited within 30 minutes, more than 500,000 US dollars were locked, and nearly 300 MEME users participated. It is understood that the current total value of MEME is about 4.2 million U.S. dollars, with 2669 currency holders, a total market value of NFT of 3.8 million U.S. dollars, 4648 NFT holders, and a total transaction volume of 1.7 million U.S. dollars in the secondary market. [2020/12/30 16:06:21]

As an encrypted art content-zce operation platform, Xiyan has its own artistic standards in the selection of cooperative artists: the creation process and thinking are absolutely related to technology, intelligence and blockchain. And Lin Xin, as the co-artist of Dixie, meets this standard.

The achievement of this cooperation is not so much that Mr. Lin Xin chose Encrypted Art, but rather that Encrypted Art chose Mr. Lin Xin. As a digital artist, Lin Xin began to systematically think and present propositions such as "post-Internet", "artificial intelligence", "algorithm revolution", and "big data" as early as 2005. The human figure that appears repeatedly in her works exists as a combination of human/machine/consciousness/program at the same time. This neutral and objective visual display method constructs a new cyberspace. Putting this kind of space on the blockchain, the natural fit of art and technology in genes should encrypt the original appearance of artworks.

Addiction contracted artist--Ms. Lin Xin's works

The work that Lin Xin chose to put on the chain this time is a revolutionary work in Lin Xin's creative process. View", her works more directly express inner thinking and inner emotions. Just like the midline on the screen: above the midline is the external presentation, while below the midline is the internal emotion. This kind of change is also very consistent with the change brought about by "encryption art". This work will be publicly sold on Crypto Art, Asia's largest encrypted art trading platform.

Cezanne took out his signature urinal at the exhibition, but defined the concept of "ready-made art", and Andy Warhol used screen printing technology, but created "Pop Art". History has told us countless times that technology itself is not enough to become an art genre, only the artist's thinking and creation can.

The same is true for encrypted art. We have discussed too much technical content, whether it is blockchain technology or the technology created by artists, most of the works of art are presented in a different carrier. At present, many artists have begun to create based on on-chain contracts, trying to make more "pure" encrypted art, bringing more possibilities to the future of encrypted art.

On April 3, Chang Hui, the founder of Xijiao, was invited to participate in the "Technology and Art in the Intelligent Era" forum held at Today Art Museum in Beijing, and shared the theme of "NFT--A New Form of Art Economy". At the meeting, Xiyan and Zheng Da, the participating artist of this forum, jointly announced that they will jointly create a new encrypted art project based on Zheng Da’s newly released art work AIBOX, combined with blockchain technology.

Chang Hui shared in the forum

Zheng Da, a cross-media artist, founder of Low Tech Art Lab, won the "The 2017 Lumen Prize" interactive art award in the UK, and the winner of the "2018 Third Wang Shikuo Award" art award. Visiting Scholar at the Art Department of the University of British Columbia (UBC) and CPI Researcher in Seoul, Korea. The artistic work focuses on the cross-media interactive art of art and science, and its creative trajectory focuses on the exploration and practice of the intersection of reality and virtual world, including game art, interactive art, mechanical devices, media theater, etc. The "Low-Tech Art Lab" he founded focuses on the integration of current media culture and interdisciplinary, artistic experiments based on electronic virtual environments, exploring the interaction of light and motion, the algorithmic aesthetics of machine vision systems, and the installation art of computational media. perception system.

Works by Zheng Da--LOW AI Box

Art is essentially a social behavior. As people's social life becomes more and more dependent on the Internet, it will also be a future trend to store their collections on the chain. Encrypted art, the future can be expected.

Addiction, lead your journey of encrypted art collection.


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The arrival of the new wave of encrypted art

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