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Golden Trend丨Knowing history and learning today may be here when BTC peaked



The above picture shows the long-term trend of BTC from the opening date to the present. The research shows that the duration of the previous rounds of BTC bull markets has specific rules, which is of reference significance for predicting the current round of BTC bull markets.

First of all, the first round of BTC bull market, from the opening of the market to the highest bull market in 2011, lasted for 46 weeks. Later, BTC peaked and fell back to start a bear market. We can study the following rounds according to the 46-week time period and through the Fibonacci time division ratio The approximate time when the bull market BTC will peak.

Golden Noon News | List of important developments at noon on December 2: 7:00-12:00 Keywords: Taxation, V God, Sushiswap, Grayscale

1. CCTV: The EU will tax digital platforms;

2. Beijing promotes the pilot project of cross-border financial blockchain service platform;

3. V God: The progress bar has been updated for the roadmap released in March;

4. The trading volume of Sushiswap in the past 24 hours increased by 79.18% month-on-month;

5. The balance of the Ethereum 2.0 deposit contract address exceeded 900,000 ETH;

6. Grayscale ETH Trust holdings increased by 1.47% Grayscale BTC Trust increased its holdings by 928 BTC. [2020/12/2 22:50:36]

Golden Morning | Overview of important overnight news on October 1: 21:00-7:00 Keywords: Dash,, SEC, UK, Deutsche Bank

1. Dash releases Dash Core v0.16 on the mainnet;

2. 8 million DAI related to the EMN event will be distributed to affected addresses;

3. Jining City released the "Jishitong" APP blockchain electronic card platform;

4. The U.S. judge granted the SEC’s motion for summary judgment against Kik;

5. MakerDAO added LRC, COMP, and LINK as collateral;

6. The IRS awards contracts to Chainalysis and Integra FEC to track Monero;

7. Deutsche Bank: CBDC may challenge the dominance of the US dollar;

8. British legal reform proposals to promote the vigorous development of cryptocurrencies;

9. The value of MakerDAO's locked assets is close to 2 billion US dollars. [2020/10/1]

The research shows that, starting from the lowest point when the bull market ended and the bear market began to decline in 2011, the extension time of the 2.3 retracement point 46 weeks later was around the end of November 2013, when BTC ushered in the ultimate big top of this round of bull market .

Golden Finance live report General Manager of Qnet Blockchain Research Center: Blockchain has extremely high development potential: Golden Finance live report, at the 2018 Southeast Asia Blockchain Innovation Summit, Dang Minh Tuan, General Manager of Qnet Blockchain Research Center What is the essence of the blockchain, how does it work, the transaction structure and block structure, the formation process of the blockchain, digital currency mining and other issues are explained. Dang Minh Tuan believes that the development of the blockchain will have a very high development in the future potential. [2018/4/21]

Similarly, if counting from the lowest point of the bear market in 2015, the extension time of the 3.3 retracement after 46 weeks will be around the beginning of December 2017. At this time, BTC just ushered in the ultimate big top of the bull market in 2017.

We can find that the time for each round of BTC bull market to peak is gradually increasing. The starting point is calculated from the lowest point of the previous round of bear market, and the 46-week time period is more critical. In 2013, the bull market peaked at 2.3, and in 2017. The top is at 3.3, so we can calculate that the peak time of this round of bull market may be at 4.3. If it starts with the lowest bear market in 2018, the 4.3 point will be at the end of September 2022. The bull market cycle is significantly longer than before, 3.3 The point is also at the end of November this year, so for now, BTC is still far away from reaching the ultimate peak. The current weekly and monthly lines, including the quarterly line, are also bullish in a volatile upward trend. The bull market process will not be completed overnight. The trend The operation is to hold it patiently. If there is a chance of a sharp drop, buy low in batches, and consider leaving the market if there are signs of peaking.


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The article is contributed by the blockchain analysis of Niu Qi.

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Golden Trend丨Knowing history and learning today may be here when BTC peaked

The above picture shows the long-term trend of BTC from the opening date to the present. The research shows that the duration of the previous rounds of BTC bull markets has specific rules.

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