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Meet in Shanghai and spark innovation with blockchain peers



Looking back on 2020, fighting for 2021

In May 2020, Taiyi Technology & Youdun Wallet jumped out as a dark horse in the field of blockchain technology services, and has been unstoppable since then.

In seven cities including Shenzhen, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Zhengzhou, Chengdu, Xiamen, and Sanya, 11 high-quality and innovative offline events/receptions, Taiyi Technology & Youdun Wallet continue to create surprises and surprises, and provide a solid foundation for the development of the blockchain industry. 2020 has left a strong mark.

In the post-epidemic era, with 9 consecutive months of performance growth and continuous breakthroughs in marketing, the entire blockchain industry has witnessed the extraordinary and strength of Taiyi Technology & Youdun Wallet.

OKX: Nansen data has verified OKX’s $6 billion in assets, only part of OKX’s reserves: On November 16, the crypto exchange OKX tweeted: “The OKX team is working with Nansen to create a dashboard to verify part of its reserves and wallet addresses. The largest asset allocation shown in this dashboard is about 89,000 BTC, about 1 million ETH, and fiat-backed stablecoins, for a total of about $6 billion. The top five cryptoassets by market capitalization account for Most. Most wallet addresses show assets that have not been moved in months. We do not lend out client assets. To be conservative, our OKB addresses are not included in this dashboard.

The portfolios in this dashboard represent only a portion of our reserves. Over the next few weeks, we will be working with a third-party auditor to execute the Proof of Reserves. "

Prior to the news on November 9, OKX plans to release its proof of reserves within the next 30 days. [2022/11/16 13:10:43]

In the new year of 2021, the new blockchain week, Taiyi Technology & Youdun Wallet is ready to go, and Shenzhen and Shanghai have become the two cities for the launch.

PCC Chairman: FASB is developing new accounting rules for cryptocurrencies: Golden Finance reported that Candace Wright, chairman of the Private Company Committee (PCC), said on September 22 that the U.S. Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) is developing new accounting rules for cryptocurrencies. The rules, since there is no guidance, should apply to both public and private companies. In early September, the FASB decided to limit its planned rules to cryptocurrencies that are fungible, considered intangible, reside on blockchains or distributed ledgers, are cryptographically secured, and do not meet the definition of a contract.

FASB Vice Chairman James Kroeker said the guidance would exclude certain so-called stablecoins. Additionally, questions the board was asked included whether there were plans to incorporate other digital assets, such as NFTs, into future projects. [2022/9/27 22:33:37]

Jinse Finance 2021 Together Innovation Conference - DeFi Innovation Advancement

BTC fell below $51,000: BTC fell below $51,000 and is now reported at $50,988.16. The intraday drop reached 8.9%. The market fluctuates greatly. Please do a good job in risk control. [2021/12/4 12:50:32]

In the future, the blockchain needs to be innovative, and innovation and exploration are in Shanghai.

From April 10th to 11th, hosted by Jinse Finance, Taiyi Technology & Youdun Wallet, Bixin and other well-known blockchain companies as cooperative units, "Together Innovation Conference, DeFi Innovation and Advancement" will be launched soon Shanghai (1933 old workshop, No. 611, Liyang Road, Hongkou District, Haishi).

This co-innovation conference focuses on six hot topics in the blockchain field in 2021, Defi, Polkadot, NFT, exchange public chain, ETH 2.0, Layer2, allowing thinking to collide with innovative sparks.

At the same time, the conference also set up a special "Creation Bazaar" exhibition area and a VIP dinner with a scale of 100 people, which is bound to bring you a wonderful audio-visual feast.

9 wonderful round tables, 11 keynote speeches, VIP dinner for 100 people... Gathering of big names, gathering of information, and exchange of ideas.

This conference will invite dozens of industry creators, innovators, leaders, experts, field leaders, media, KOL, etc. to share their wonderful views. At the same time, practitioners in various fields of the industry and blockchain enthusiasts will Participate in this conference.

Taiyi Technology & Youdun Wallet participated in the whole process

As the cooperative unit of this Co-For Innovator Conference, Taiyi Technology & Youdun Wallet invites you to talk about the future of blockchain innovation, explore the original force of innovation, focus on those who create "outlets", and gather the advantages of the blockchain industry .

Youdun Wallet CMO Meng Chundong was invited to attend the conference and participate in the golden VIP dinner, which will inspire more innovation sparks with his peers in Shanghai!

During the conference, Taiyi Technology & Wallet will meet you at booth No. 28. We have prepared exquisite gifts, you can get them by participating in our on-site activities~


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Meet in Shanghai and spark innovation with blockchain peers

Looking back on 2020, fighting for 2021In May 2020, Taiyi Technology & Youdun Wallet jumped out as a dark horse in the field of blockchain technology services.

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