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5 must-reads in the evening | Why do bullish investors keep liquidating their positions?



1. Timeline of major events in Ethereum in 2021

This article sorts out the timetable of Ethereum's major events in 2021, and the progress will be continuously updated on the WeETH Staker Forum.

This article is compiled from Reddit user u/Coldsnap's article on Reddit. There are two main aspects of the major events organized here:

The first is the upcoming Eth1/Eth2 upgrades: Berlin (April), Altair (June), London (July), and Shanghai (2H21).

Golden Evening News | List of important developments in the evening of February 28: 12:00-21:00 Keywords: DDOS attack, Canadian CBDC, asset security

1. Shanghai Customs: Strengthen the research on customs system innovation of new technologies such as blockchain.

2. Canada will not launch a CBDC unless Libra is successful.

3. President of SBI: Will cooperate with a number of securities companies to establish a private exchange of securities tokens.

4. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines uses R3 blockchain technology for financial processing.

5. Bitfinex suffered DDOS attack.

6. OKEx CEO: OKEx suffered another DDos attack.

7. The new Trojan invades Google's 2FA verification program to steal codes or affect the security of encrypted assets.

8. New settings in Microsoft Edge version 80 can prevent malicious Bitcoin mining applications.

9. Bitcoin continued to fall, once falling below the $8,500 mark. [2020/2/28]

The second is expansion. The route chosen by Ethereum is to use rollup technology (there are many types, see below) at the beginning (this year), and sharding next year. click to read

Golden Evening News | List of important news on the evening of December 30: 12:00-21:00 Keywords: Central Bank, Mutual Finance Association, Trusted Blockchain Evaluation, Huobi CTO, Blockchain ETF

1. The Central Bank: Issue a series of regulatory rules for financial technology such as personal financial information protection and blockchain.

2. Mutual Finance Association Conference: Research on the Application Scenario of Legal Digital Currency under the Framework of Mobile Finance.

3. The China Academy of Information and Communications Technology will launch the fourth batch of credible blockchain evaluations in 2020.

4. The News Center of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission signed a cooperation agreement with the three platforms on the practice of blockchain technology.

5. Huobi CTO Cheng Xianfeng will resign and his job will be temporarily replaced by Wu Shupeng.

6. The submission materials of the first blockchain index fund (ETF) in China have been accepted by the China Securities Regulatory Commission.

7. Beijing News Express Commentary: "Blockchain" MLM needs to be exposed.

8. SHFE cooperated with Qingdao Customs to promote the research and development of blockchain-based supervision platform.

9. Li Guoqing: What attracts me to the blockchain is not the technology, but the reconstruction of production relations. [2019/12/30]

2. Sushi put an easter egg in the Q1 update

Golden Evening News | List of important events on the evening of December 14: 12:00-21:00 Keywords: Tokyo, China Mobile, Fudan University, Upbit, Li Lihui

1. Tokyo will pilot the "Tokyo YUA Coin" points system and consider issuing an independent digital currency;

2. China Mobile 10086: Remind users to be vigilant against illegal fundraising in the name of blockchain;

3. Yi Huanhuan from Mutual Finance Association: The national digital currency is the biggest blockchain killer application;

4. Monero Compliance Working Group: Fund travel rules issued by FinCEN do not apply to Monero;

5. Fudan University combined blockchain to develop distributed organic waste source treatment equipment;

6. Li Lihui: Deepening financial supply-side reform and using blockchain to solve trust problems;

7. The wallet address of the Upbit hacker transferred a total of over 6,000 ETH to an unknown address twice;

8. Meeting of the Standing Committee of the Hunan Provincial Party Committee: We must seize opportunities for industrial development such as blockchain and artificial intelligence;

9. Secretary of the Jilin Provincial Party Committee: Promote the integration and development of key industries and new technologies such as blockchain. [2019/12/14]

On March 31, SushiSwap officially released the update of the project Q1. At the end of this update, Sushi put an "easter egg" - the roadmap for Q2.

It can be seen from the roadmap that the development of Sushi in Q2 is worth looking forward to. Among them, not only the "loan and margin trading platform" Kashi was mentioned again, but also keywords such as the limit order mode, the V2 version of AMM (should refer to the V2 version of SushiSwap), and the currently popular NFT trading platform. click to read

3. Behind the $60,000 mark of Bitcoin: Why do bullish investors keep liquidating their positions?

"Actually, most liquidation investors are bullish on Bitcoin, but because they use 50-100 times capital leverage to invest, as long as Bitcoin has a 1%-2% correction in the process of rising, they are unable to pay the margin. Compulsory liquidation." A person from an encrypted digital asset exchange revealed to reporters. click to read

4. What cryptocurrency does billionaire Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban buy?

In a recent video on The Delphi Podcast, billionaire Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban revealed his personal portfolio allocation to cryptocurrencies. click to read

5. The first quarter review of the encryption market: high returns and high volatility coexist, and the highest growth rate of the two types of assets exceeds 1000%

In the first quarter of this year, the digital currency market continued its prosperity since the second half of last year. According to CoinMarketCap, the total market value of digital currencies soared from US$0.77 trillion at the beginning of the quarter to US$1.96 trillion at the end of the quarter, an increase of 154.88%. In addition to the good performance of mainstream assets such as BTC and ETH, in the first quarter, there were also a variety of conceptual assets in the digital currency market that performed very well, such as NFT concepts, storage concepts, streaming media concepts, and social token concepts. Click to read


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5 must-reads in the evening | Why do bullish investors keep liquidating their positions?

1. Timeline of major events in Ethereum in 2021This article sorts out the timetable of Ethereum's major events in 2021.

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