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Mabel, partner of Multicoin Capital: NFT and the future of the Metaverse



In the past, I have written some thoughts on the NFT track. My ideas evolved over time. Compared with 6 months ago, I have a new understanding of NFT as a new form of value storage and transmission:

1. NFT should not be divided into a general category, but should be discussed for specific media.

2. In the near future, we will see (and have seen) the NFT market evolve from providing general purpose platforms for all categories such as in-game assets to art, to more targeted platforms offering NFT in specific types of media (images/ video, music, text, etc.).

3. IPs in the real world are more likely to gain the appeal of their NFTs (that is, they will have better product market adaptability at this stage-product market fit), because they can skip the process of forming a new "consensus". Tokenization of existing IP is a key step in driving mainstream NFT adoption in the non-crypto world.

Multichain announced the official launch of anyCall, a cross-chain messaging protocol: Official news, Multichain announced that anyCall, a universal cross-chain messaging protocol for Dapps, was officially launched. With just one transaction, anyCall can send arbitrary data such as smart contracts, NFTs, messages, tokens, data, etc. to any other blockchain. [2022/4/11 14:18:04]

4. In the long run, NFT will become an important form of value store, which contains * multi-dimensional * information, some of which are difficult to realize today. Before then, we may go through a phase where real world social relations and community value is transferred/reflected on-chain

5. I developed this idea when I was doing a podcast with Maple Leaf Capital: Web Links

Multicoin co-founder: L2 scaling solutions will make DeFi slower: Multicoin co-founder Kyle Samani believes that current and upcoming L2 scaling solutions have little chance of maintaining capital flow through DeFi on Ethereum. While DeFi on Ethereum may be welcome, it’s not perfect, as such scaling solutions often end up making DeFi slower and more unwieldy. "Imperfect" means that other blockchain challengers may have a chance. (AMBcrypto) [2020/12/5 14:02:30]

We talked about the concept of "value net" in his Web 3.0 paper (the link below is his research paper): Web link

News | Swiss luxury watchmaker Franck Muller launches an encrypted watch: According to Coindesk, Swiss luxury watchmaker Franck Muller has partnered with cryptocurrency trading platform Regal Assets to launch a limited-edition watch called "Encrypto" The watch is the world's first fully functional bitcoin watch. According to its announcement, the included sealed USB stores private keys, and its built-in cold wallet cannot be hacked. Encrypto is currently available online and at Franck Muller's Dubai Mall store, with accepted payment methods including credit cards and bank transfers, as well as Bitcoin. [2019/5/23]

6. We can now basically say that the amount of information that can be transmitted at the same cost has been increasing, while the cost friction of refining/cutting information into smaller units has been decreasing. (Screenshot from the research report of Maple Leaf Capital, which can assist in understanding)

7. In other words, as people can chop information into smaller and smaller particles at lower cost, they can freely bind and unbundle these small information units in various combinations and permutations.

8. We’ve seen plenty of early examples of this idea: CryptoKitties with each cat carrying different attributes, or AsyncArt’s first “programmable NFT” to start selling.

9. The core value here is interoperability (brought by the blockchain account system). Vincent mentioned this on his podcast with me: Web link

The information is permissionless and public, and an asset/a piece of information can be queried and reused anywhere else on the same blockchain (and may be reused on another blockchain in the future).

10. Blockchain interoperability creates an on-chain liquidity premium.

All of this, along with DeFi, points to the future of the Metaverse.

11. In a recent conversation with a friend of mine, a point he made and I agree with is that if we say a fungible token contains a vector, then an NFT (non-fungible) can contain N vector. In the blockchain world, each vector contained in an NFT can be independently split, striped and rebundled.

12. We are in the early days of NFT development, as if people first designed light bulbs to look like candles, or the Yellow Pages looked like magazines in the 90s. The NFTs we see today may look very different from what they look like 5 years from now.

13. It’s like ten years ago we didn’t know that Douyin anchors could sell goods in live broadcasts through online shopping links, and we didn’t know what new economic behavior models humans will have. But conceptually, an NFT would be a container-zce for layers of information generated from various streams.

14. Based on all the above assumptions, it seems that what we need now is the infrastructure in the NFT track. It could be a tool platform that helps people organize and bundle pieces of their information into NFTs and present them to the public, or it could be a simple fragmentation protocol.

15. This concludes this long tweet.


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Mabel, partner of Multicoin Capital: NFT and the future of the Metaverse

In the past, I have written some thoughts on the NFT track. My ideas evolved over time. Compared with 6 months ago.

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