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Retail victory? Let’s start with the surge of Dogecoin driven by consensus

When the vigorous bull market in the encryption market gradually deepens.

Musk reminds Dogecoin of risks: Cryptocurrency has prospects, but please invest cautiously

On May 7, Beijing time, Tesla CEO Elon Musk retweeted a video titled "Musk Says Dogecoin Could Be the Future of Cryptocurrencies" and expressed his support for the The accompanying video stated that cryptocurrencies a.

Golden Observation | Decrypt holds the 2021 Ethereum Virtual Summit

The 2021 Ethereum Virtual Summit held by Decrypt was held on May 6. At the summit, many guests gave wonderful speeches. The first day of the summit held speakers including Mark Cuban, Winklevoss brothers.

HECO officially launched the global node election, opening a new era of decentralized governance

In order to further improve the degree of decentralization and better ensure network security and stable operation, on May 7, HECO announced the official launch of the global node election.

Beware of "Musk Theology": An Experiment to Manipulate Human Nature

Tesla CEO Elon Musk (Elon Musk) announced on social media that Tesla has suspended bitcoin payments.

Golden Morning Post | ETC unit computing power income has surpassed ETH

Headlines ▌The unit computing power income of ETC has surpassed that of ETH According to Bitinfocharts data, the unit computing power income of ETC has reached 0.137 USD/day.

​Research on token incentive mechanism of blockchain technology

In "Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Cash Payment System" published by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, the blockchain technology is regulated as a decentralized, tamper-proof, traceable.

Biden proposes the highest capital gains tax in U.S.history.U.S.stocks and Bitcoin have been hit hard?

On April 22, Eastern Time, several media including the New York Times and Bloomberg reported that the Biden administration plans to release a draft called the "American Families Plan" (American Families Plan) next wee.

Why does Biden's tax increase cause the price of the currency to plummet? Does China need to pay taxes for speculating in currency?

1. U.S. cryptocurrency tax situationA piece of news on April 22 caused the US stock market and the cryptocurrency market to plummet. U.S. President Joe Biden proposed raising taxes on the rich.

Dialogue with Celer Lianchuang Dong Mo: Ethereum 2.0 without Layer 2 is an empty city

With the full explosion of Ethereum's second-layer expansion plan, the Layer 2 project Celer Network has also been enthusiastically received by the community.

Golden Outpost | Beijing data center overall development implementation plan released to encourage the deployment of blockchain computing centers

On April 27, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology officially issued the "Implementation Plan for the Overall Development of Beijing Data Centers (2021-2023)". The "Plan" pointed out that.

Besides Tesla, which other big companies use Bitcoin for payment?

Despite institutional praise for Bitcoin’s ability to store value.

The Korean version of "94" is coming, will the currency circle be affected?

On September 4, 2017, seven ministries and commissions announced the banning of ICOs. At that time, the currency circle also ushered in a wave of bloody storms. The news at that time was not supervision.

Ethereum high-level Layer2 changes

The decline of "coin king" BTC failed to prevent ETH from breaking new highs. On April 30, ETH reached as high as $2,800, with an increase of over 17% on the 7th. The prices of the top DeFi application assets UNI.

Understanding Chia Network Miner Economics: What Are the Costs and Benefits?

Interpret Chia mining from the perspectives of mining process, input and output, mining risks and trends.Original Title: "Chia FOMO Explains Economic Accounts: What Are the Costs and Benefits?"Overnight.

Focus on the second half of the 2021 bull market: Polkadot Parachain Auction / Ethereum Layer 2

If the Bitcoin cycle theory holds true, then there will only be about eight months of golden period left in this round of bull market, and then it will enter a new round of bear market cycle. So.

Detoxification of "poison" India's ban on Bitcoin NewsCrypto in-depth analysis of the environment of encrypted assets

According to Reuters: The Indian government will follow the Turkish government to ban cryptocurrencies and impose fines on those who trade or even hold such assets in the country.

Golden Morning Post | Nasdaq sets the reference stock price of Coinbase at $250

Headline ▌NASDAQ Sets Coinbase Reference Stock Price at $250Jinse Finance reported that Goldman Sachs and Nasdaq have set the reference price for Coinbase’s direct listing at $250 per share.

Why Are NFTs, Not DeFi, Bringing Ethereum Mainstream?

You can hardly fail to read about NFTs online. NFTs represent provable ownership of scarce digital art, and they are taking the world by storm. Celebrities are minting their own NFTs.

Golden Observation | Coinbase is about to be listed, and the three major platform coins are all rising.

There are only two days left before the cryptocurrency exchange giant Coinbase’s direct listing on Nasdaq on April 14. Affected by this positive news, the three major exchange platform currencies generally rose.

Q1 beats last year in a single quarter.Are you optimistic about Coinbase, which is about to be listed?

Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, will be listed on Nasdaq on April 14th by way of direct listing. Another milestone and a new starting point in history, on the one hand.

Golden Observation | How to mint NFT in Art Blocks?

The Art Blocks platform can generate artwork on demand, and how to use it will be introduced below.NFT is not a simple copy of traditional digital products.Of course not, to a large extent.

Top 10 venture capital investments in the blockchain industry and encrypted assets

The cryptocurrency industry is booming, with a total market value of nearly $2 trillion, larger than the market caps of Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. Since March 8, Bitcoin has traded more than $50.

Revolving lending: DeFi "matryoshka" game to magnify income

With the development of DeFi all the way to the present, the ecology has become more and more sound.

Be vigilant: common fraud routines of digital renminbi

AOFEX Risk Tips: Beware of fake phishing websites: Recently.

Golden Recommended Reading | How to Valuate Companies in the Post-Inflation Era?

Bitcoin will fundamentally change the way investors value companies.Its advanced monetary technology is a fundamental paradigm shift that will confound many financial "experts".

Golden trend丨BTC pulls back to accumulate power, brewing for a follow-up breakthrough

According to OKEx trading big data, the ratio of long and short positions in BTC contracts is 0.99, and the number of short sellers in the market has an advantage; the quarterly contract basis is above $600.

DeFi Weekly | Meerkat and other projects are thundering DeFi security has attracted attention

DeFi Weekly is a weekly summary column in the DeFi field launched by Jinse Finance, covering important DeFi data, DeFi project trends.

Newsweek | Coinbase was approved for listing, Bitcoin fell below $50,000

Golden Weekly is a weekly blockchain industry summary column launched by Golden Finance, covering key news, market and contract data, project dynamics.

Newsweek | EIP-1559 was officially included in the Ethereum London hard fork upgrade

Golden Weekly is a weekly blockchain industry summary column launched by Golden Finance, covering key news, market and contract data, mining information, project trends.

The central bank's digital research institute explores the cross-border payment application of the central bank's digital currency

The reporter learned from the website of the central bank that the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, the Central Bank of Thailand.

FLOW's new high NFT is hot again Is the fishtail hot spot or an incremental market?

The concept of NFT has become popular again, hey, why should I say it again, haha, the pair of socks in the picture below has been sold for 1 million on unisock.

Golden Hardcore | Differences in BTC block time: a comparison between theory and practice

Golden Finance recently launched the Hardcore column to provide readers with introductions or in-depth interpretations of popular projects. This issue of Hardcore discusses the issue of BTC block generation time.

Six indicators indicate that Bitcoin may usher in a cooling-off period in the short term

Entering 2021, Bitcoin has experienced a rapid rise, doubling from its final price of $29,112 in 2020 to an all-time high of $58,332.The main catalyst leading to the pump is interest from institutions. For example.

Scam Revealed: Is Your Mining Machine Really Mining?

On this day, a certain A consulted me that the 20 graphics card mining machines he bought suddenly couldn’t mine.The specific failure is as follows: the mining pool shows that the mining machine is offline.Due to the.

Why Are Investors So Excited About MicroStrategy?

Recently, MicroStrategy, an American intelligent software company.