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A quick overview of DeFi data for a week (5.11-5.17)

Jinse Finance reported that according to data from OKLink, affected by the market downturn.

NFT's first lawsuit? NBA Top Shot users sue Dapper Labs and its CEO

NFT (Non-fungible Token) seems to have become the most popular blockchain branch product in 2021. It has quickly moved from a certificate of ownership and a mark of intellectual property to the investment field.

Send out another 20,000 digital RMB red envelopes, this time for Suzhou trade union members

Not long ago, Suzhou launched the "May 5th Shopping Festival" digital renminbi red envelope activity. A total of 181.

The accelerated advent of the digital currency era injects new imagination into the payment market

By Charlie WuAt the Boao Forum for Asia on April 18, Li Bo, deputy governor of the central bank, revealed that the next step will continue to expand the scope of digital renminbi pilots.

After the plunge, institutions don't believe in Bitcoin anymore

One word from Musk can cause a sharp rise and fall in the cryptocurrency market.Last week.

Kusama slot auction coming soon Polkadot Parachain .....

Polkadot Kusama tweeted that the V0.9.1 version upgrade has been approved by the council and is currently in the public voting stage. The voting will end on May 14. This upgrade includes parachains.

All stablecoins can only be generated by mortgage assets

All stablecoins can only be generated by mortgage assets, and algorithmic stablecoins use algorithms to achieve more efficient mortgage assets. Other pure algorithm-anchored coins, air coins without any collateral.

Technology Weekly|Ethereum 2.0 successfully completed the PoS merger in the developer test network

This week's Technology Weekly contains technical news about Ethereum, Polkadot, EOS, Ripple.

Real case: Illegal fundraising BTC is capital?

In the past, according to the "Notice on Preventing Risks of Bitcoin" in 2013 and the "Announcement on Preventing Financing Risks of Token Issuance" in 2017.

The difference between homogeneous tokens and non-homogeneous tokens and ERC-20

The potential of blockchain technology goes far beyond digital assets like cryptocurrencies, where users and companies can place data (such as their personal IDs, certificates, company property data.

After gas cost reduction and DeFi renaissance, the price of Ethereum reached a new record high

Mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies continues to reach new highs in 2021.

How NFT, DeFi and Web 3.0 complement each other.

While the blockchain itself provides the technical architecture to facilitate transactions, ownership and trust in the network, in value-linked digitization.

4.15 National Security Education Day for All: Prevent the risk of money laundering from online part-time job "running points"

At present, the emergence of the Internet has brought us a lot of convenience, but it inevitably also brings a lot of network security threats. Especially in recent years.

What will happen when the supply and demand balance of BTC and ETH is broken

Original title: When the supply and demand balance of BTC and ETH is brokenThe entire crypto market trend mainly depends on the direction of BTC and ETH. As BTC and ETH continue to flow out of exchanges.

The weekly trading volume of the decentralized exchange Uniswap hit another record, reaching 10 billion US dollars

Uniswap’s decentralized exchange set a new weekly volume record on Tuesday.

Golden Observation | ETH hits a new high Gas has dropped by more than 40% within a month.Is Ethereum not blocked?

Historic moment, double new highs. As of press time, the price of Bitcoin is $62,965.88, and the price of Ethereum is $2,222.35, both hitting record highs.However.

Messari researcher slams: Binance Smart Chain validators have centralization problems

While Binance supporters are celebrating BNB’s stellar performance in the first quarter of 2021, there are growing concerns about the centralization of the Binance ecosystem.On April 12.

4.20 noon market: the game continues, how to operate the market with wide fluctuations.

According to data from OKEx, the current BTC/USDT spot price is $54,900, a 24-hour drop of 3.6%.Bitcoin's rebound after this wave of downswing is not strong at present.

OKLink Industry Observation: The Kusama Parallel Chain may be launched within a few days.The multi-chain era is coming?

In the last article, we talked about Gavin Wood, the soul behind the birth of Polkadot. In this issue, we will talk about the current situation and future of Polkadot. Before we start.

Games Art Fragmentation Tokenization What exactly is NFT?

NFT, I feel that I have written a lot of related articles about NFT in the past six months, but none of them are very in-depth or specialized, so I plan to write an article.

Paypal's Crypto Ambitions: Bringing Cryptocurrency to the Global Market

PayPal Holdings Inc will announce later on Tuesday that it will allow U.S. consumers to use their cryptocurrency holdings to pay at its millions of online merchants around the world.

Fei protocol "trapped" may draw inspiration from traditional finance

guideA bug patch left the protocol partially functional, but the price remained.Wednesday’s crypto market correction weighed heavily on Project FEI.

4.9 Evening Quotes: Are there still cheap chips to pick up?

The article is contributed by Biquan Beiming, the columnist of Jinse Finance and Economics, and his remarks only represent his personal views.

The mainstream goes first and makes new highs, and the cake follows

Madman writes every analysis article with a responsible, focused, and sincere attitude, with distinctive features, no artificiality.

4.6 noon market: in continuous shocks, be patient

The article is contributed by the blockchain analysis of Niu Qi.

Golden trend丨BTC continues to brew and prepares for a new high

The Block data shows that from January to March this year, Coinbase’s monthly revenue exceeded US$400 million.

South Korean Govt Promises Action Against Illegal Crypto Activity BTC 'Kimchi Premium' Drops

On April 7, the price of BTC on the South Korean exchange UPbit once reached 79,422,000 won (about 71,000 U.S. dollars).

3.Market at noon on the 23rd: Risks increase after rushing high and falling back.

The article is contributed by the blockchain analysis of Niu Qi.

Big news today: SEC commissioners hope this year will be a turning point in encryption regulation.

Summary of Hot Spots: 1. BM returns to EOS to build a truly decentralized application.2. Goldman Sachs expects the U.S. government to launch another $4 trillion stimulus plan.3.

Analysis of the difference between digital RMB card-style "soft wallet" and "hard wallet"

Mobile Payment Network News: With the successive development of digital renminbi pilot activities, the forms of digital renminbi are becoming more and more abundant, and card-based.

Predicting Bitcoin: Finding Leading Indicators in the Encrypted World

Thanks to PayPal Finance for the information and data provided for this article. People in the market game will always take the trouble to analyze and analyze the market from various angles.

Why are NFTs worth the attention of artists?

By now, you've probably heard that digital artists are making their mark in the burgeoning NFT art market. Some artists have made thousands or even millions of dollars selling their digital works on the blockchain.But.

The bull market does not retreat, and the stable currency continues to open

The price of Bitcoin remains high, and the market demand for stablecoins continues to expand. In the centralized stable currency market, the total circulation of USDT on each chain has exceeded 40 billion US dollars.

Golden Observation | DeFi Liquidity Revolution

DeFi is the liquidity revolution. In the traditional world, you buy and hold assets, hoping to appreciate in value. Maybe you have some dollar deposits in an interest-bearing bank account, but for the most part.

Blockchain World Chronicle | Dialogue with Layer2 DAO: Infrastructure of Web3 Economy

Wang Yukun: Will Layer 2 catch up with DAO and become the infrastructure of Web3 economy? Today.

The government's blockchain bidding market is active-zce "Blockchain + police" has become the direction

At present, government bidding is an important way to build blockchain public service facilities, and it is gradually being paid attention to by the industry.Entering 2021.