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Ethereum's amazingly high returns are best explained by these 6 charts

The world's second-largest digital currency, ethereum (ETH), has been on a bull run in recent months. This week, things entered a critical phase, with Ethereum's value point just above $4.

The chaos of the digital asset trading platform at the bottom: "drainage" hidden routines, propaganda like pyramid schemes

The mountain rain is about to come and the wind is full of the building. The price of digital currency has frequently skyrocketed and plummeted.

The breaking and building of digital RMB

The so-called breaking first and then establishing, the breaking and establishing of the digital renminbi point to the past and the future respectively. What is broken is the unresolved real pain point.

"Two hands" reach out to the source of Bitcoin

The computing power of Bitcoin has once again experienced a decline, with a drop of 19% in half a month. There is no question that the Chinese regulatory punch is working. On May 21.

Why does the Financial Commission declare that it "cracks down on Bitcoin mining and transactions": prevent hot money + clean up norms + carbon neutrality

On May 21, the Financial Stability and Development Committee of the State Council (hereinafter referred to as the Financial Committee) held the 51st meeting.

Can the red-hot Bitcoin really become "green"?

Original title: "Bitcoin is red, can it be green?" "Can Bitcoin and environmental protection really have both? Digital currencies rely on so-called miners to keep going.

Ethereum pointed at $4,000, Dogecoin fell by more than 20%, with a net outflow of more than $500 million

[Today's headlines] Musk: Dogecoin is an unstoppable financial tool According to Businessinsider, in the "Saturday Night Live" talk show on Saturday night local time in the United States.

What happens to miners when the last bitcoin is mined?

As we all know, the total number of bitcoins is only 21 million. Once mining is complete, it means that no new bitcoins will enter the circulation market.Therefore.

What You Need to Know to Create an NFT: Why Create It? What platform to choose?

Original title: "Knowledge required to create NFT" Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are the new crypto craze, as are DeFi tokens and initial coin offerings (ICOs). Despite the short-term hype.

Coin Metrics: Institutions are the main drivers of this ETH rise.

In the past week, the price of Ethereum reached an all-time high, climbing from below $2,100 two weeks ago to above $3,300. While Ethereum broke its own dollar-denominated record.

Five issues of central bank issuing digital currency

This article studies and judges the account system, accounting subjects, cash withdrawal, network payment, and fiscal and taxation structure issues faced by the central bank's issuance of digital currency one by one.

Consensus scarcity What are the barriers to the public chain?

Since the emergence of Ethereum in the last round of bull market.

How to choose an Eth2 staking service? This article understands the pros and cons of various Eth2 pledge schemes

In the article in early February, we sorted out the available services for participating in Eth2 pledge in the market. This article will classify the different types of pledge services in Ethereum 2.0 and briefly desc.

100 sets of data worthy of attention in the encryption industry

If you could go back 100 days from now, what would you do? According to the reaction of Moments and Weibo, the most popular recently should be to buy Dogecoin. But pulling the timeline back to 100 days ago.

ArcherSwap: Anti-running DEX extension

Blue Fox Notes has introduced MEV and ARCH "MEV Track" and "Archer DAO" before. In addition to normal arbitrage transactions, there are also front-running (preemptive trading) MEV.

Coinbase listing is imminent, Bitcoin breaks new high to 63,000 US dollars, the regulatory sword behind the popularity is still hanging high

A moment in history is coming. On April 14th, US Eastern Time, Coinbase will ring the bell for listing (code COIN) on Nasdaq.

How much can Bitcoin go up in 2021? Li Qiyuan, an old man in the currency circle for 10 years, tells you a reasonable shipping method.

Bobby Lee, founder and CEO of Ballet Wallet, and digital asset security expert, attended the "Supercomputing Convergence.

Learn more about the popular project Chia

Chia Network is a cryptocurrency project founded by BitTorrent founder Bram Cohen in 2017. It is positioned as a green and environmentally friendly cryptocurrency. At the same time.

The Oasis privacy computing track project has a chance to fluff

In 2021, the privacy track will enter the golden stage of development. Oasis Network is the world's first privacy-preserving and scalable blockchain platform for open finance and a responsible data economy. 1. Introdu.

Time Magazine Joins Tesla Camp, Prepares To Put Bitcoin On Its Balance Sheet

How many years are there in a hundred years of life, think of the beautiful scenery on a good day, and rest in vain (It was only a matter of TIME).Time Magazine, one of the world's most recognizable publications.

Golden Trend丨Is the BTC bull market over?

Time magazine in the United States has partnered with digital currency platform and is now accepting crypto payments for its 18-month digital subscription.

Who got rich on Coinbase's first day of listing?

Amid all the attention, Coinbase became the first U.S. cryptocurrency company to go public through a direct listing on the Nasdaq exchange today.

Gu Yanxi: Bitcoin after Coinbase listing

Coinbase has finally completed its listing amidst much anticipation in the market. Although its market value did not reach the market's expected $100 billion, its market value is still very impressive.

Golden Morning Post | Pilot application of digital RMB in Shanghai community

Headline ▌Digital renminbi pilot application in Shanghai communityOn the morning of April 17, the Huayuan Community in Central Ring, located in Wanli Street, Putuo District.

A picture to understand: NFT's "hot" road

NFT has natural advantages in copyright protection of creators, and can better motivate creators. It undoubtedly provides a very large imagination space for the field of digital collections.

Cryptocurrency Art: Investing in the New World or Junk Title Deeds?

A purely digital artwork "Every Day: The First 5,000 Days" by digital artist Mike Winkelman, known as Beeple, recently became a hot topic in the art world for $69 million (about 450 million yuan) Topic, is this hype.

Wall Street Journal: China's digital yuan leads the world

Paper money was invented in China a thousand years ago. Now, the Chinese government is minting cash digitally.

The shift of investors from the stock market to Bitcoin means that a major change has occurred

Despite Bitcoin’s correction over the past few days, at the time of writing this report, Bitcoin’s price volatility is still in a favorable position and has the potential to hit new all-time highs.

Filecoin "Double Spend" story and review

In the early morning of March 19, some community users reported that there is a risk of double spending on the Filecoin mainnet. Binance.

Golden Morning Post | The United Kingdom has included Pos income in the scope of taxation

Headline ▌The United Kingdom has included Pos income in the scope of taxationAccording to the news on March 30, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has updated the taxation guidelines for cryptocurrency assets today.

"Blockchain + judicial appraisal" realizes "simultaneous deposit of evidence"

Original Title: "Blockchain + Judicial Identification" Realizes "Synchronous Evidence Deposit" The First Blockchain Judicial Identification Center in China Was EstablishedA few days ago.

Everything can be NFT? "Bitcoin" in the literary circle is not yet ripe for grapes

Whether it is Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, or NFT, which is now in the limelight, it cannot escape the word "hype". It is not news that works of art can be sold at sky-high prices. However.

DAO Primer: What are the potential use cases and tools? What's the problem?

What are DAOs? A Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is a group organized around a mission coordinated by a shared set of rules implemented on the blockchain.

Entering the countdown, the last Bitcoin "miner" in Inner Mongolia

The small town of Dalat was once known in the industry for its concentration of large Bitcoin mines. Over the past few years. reports that the number of global cryptocurrency users exceeds 100 million, a cryptocurrency exchange and debit card provider.

Dialogue with Christie's art experts: What is an NFT art auction?

Beeple, "EVERYDAYS: THE FIRST 5000 DAYS", is the first purely digital artwork (NFT) released by Christie's auction house. (Courtesy of Christie's Imaging Ltd. 2021) Tomorrow (February 25) at 10am ET.