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Rebound reversal? Be cautious and stay optimistic

There are four major risks in buying, selling or using Bitcoin and other virtual currencies, including market, trading, technology, and compliance. Before reading.

Mille-feuille: A Layer-2 Guide

Hi everyone? I'm Zac, the CEO of Aztec. We invented Plonk, a general-purpose ZK-SNARK technology, and

NFT Pit Avoidance Guide: Don’t forget to do your own research before buying

Original title: "How to Research NFT Projects"As NFT enters the mainstream, more and more artists and project parties have begun to join the NFT field. Since the beginning of 2021.

Single Vault Model - The Base of DeFi Lego

Innovations in the automated market maker (AMM) space have fueled the growth of decentralized exchanges (DEXs) in recent months. Uniswap released its V3 version, which introduced centralized liquidity.

Judicial freezing of bank cards should follow legal procedures

In recent years, some criminal suspects of telecommunication fraud and domestic and overseas gambling have used bank cards to transfer huge amounts of money and commit crimes.

Big news today: Bitcoin whales bought more than 122,500 BTC when the market crashed last week.

This article was originally edited by ZB Research Institute Summary of Hot Spots: 1. Nobel laureate Krugman: BTC can survive indefinitely;2.

Nobel laureate: Bitcoin may be worthless

Original Title: Paul Krugman: Bitcoin May Be Worthless I'm still on vacation, hiking and biking all over Europe. I also more or less follow the news.

Want to prove your innocence? Tesla may also need a blockchain

Foreword A month ago, a video of a woman standing on the roof of a Tesla yelling "Tesla brakes failed" went viral on the Internet. Subsequently.

What is the truth behind Ethereum skyrocketing?

Today, Ethereum broke through $3,300, another record high. AssetDash data shows that the market value of Ethereum has risen to the 18th place in global assets, currently about 390.609 billion US dollars.

The dark horse Yaoshi of the NFT track is coming to SilkSwap to unlock the new posture of the wealth code

Foreword: In 2021, NFT will make the encryption field and the traditional world continue to collide with new sparks. More importantly.

Golden Hardcore | MEV Era

Jinse Finance launched the Hardcore column to provide readers with introductions or in-depth interpretations of popular projects. In this issue, the golden hard core interprets MEV.Miner-extractable value, or MEV.

Uniswap is issuing non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to cryptocurrency wallets

The cryptocurrency world is in a joyous time for the industry. Anything can happen here.

How to choose the mining method that suits you?

In the previous article, we said that "mining" is the best way for ordinary people to participate in the growth dividend of encrypted digital currency. So, for ordinary users.

First Release | Taihe Observation: Discussion and Outlook after FIL6 disappears.

This article was originally created by Taihe Observation and authorized by Jinse Finance to publish. Base on the circulating supply as well as reduction of output.

Demystifying zk-SNARK from scratch (1)

Recently, the Ethereum Foundation disclosed the projects and fields of the R&D teams it is supporting. Among them, the teams and technologies involved in "applied zero-knowledge proof" are the most.

Dapp industry report: an overview of the first quarter of 2021.

In the first quarter of 2021, we saw the potential of the non-fungible token (NFT) market, which led to the growing interest in NFT technology, digital art and virtual world. Meanwhile.

Algorand's latest governance mechanism and follow-up trend analysis are quick to understand and streamlined.

We call all rewarded 3.2 billion Algo Algorand Ecological Resource Pool (AERP).The new governance system will be deployed in two phases.Initial Phase: Starting in Q4 2021.

Ouyi OKEx blockchain history: the evolution history of Bitcoin in 12 years (Part 2)

Bitcoin, which has gone through the 12th anniversary, ushered in a new cycle, and started a new journey in 2021.Ouyi OKEx will suspend the CSPR deposit and withdrawal business at 18:00 today: Official news.

A major breakthrough in Layer 2 expansion, zkPorter ended the battle between Zk Rollup and Optimistic Rollup

Layer 2 mass migration is coming. As the protocol moves from the Ethereum base layer to Optimistic Rollups and EVM-compatible zk Rollups.

Golden Sentinel | Coinbase is officially listed on Nasdaq, and the opening price is expected to be $340

Jinse Finance reported that at 21:30 on April 14th, Beijing time, Coinbase was officially listed on Nasdaq in the United States with the stock code COIN.

Golden Observation|Opinion: Coinbase’s market value is nearly 1.5 million BTC, which is seriously overvalued

Coinbase (ticker COIN) traded directly on Nasdaq, closing at 554,212 Satoshi ($349). With 261.3 million shares outstanding, Coinbase has a market capitalization of 1,475.

Multifunctional "expansion" of DeFi mainstream lending丨Industry

DeFi lending, where is the next AAVE? In the "troika" of DeFi, "decentralized lending" acts as a hub between various roles, linking DEX, stable currency.

Golden Morning Post | Goldman Sachs is about to provide investment tools for Bitcoin

Headline ▌Goldman Sachs will soon provide investment tools for BitcoinAccording to news on March 31.

The arrival of the new wave of encrypted art

Since the artist Beeple completed the epic auction, the currency circle has completely shattered the traditional perception of the art circle. Under the stimulation of capital.

Read the LambSwap liquidity mining tutorial in one article

Audit report: ( AMM decentralized trading platform based on liquidity pool.

Gold Recommended Reading | Fei Protocol is coming online soon.You must understand the triple risks

Note: The original author is Brianna Montgomery, co-founder of Fei Protocol.FEI is a highly scalable, decentralized.

The essence of WEB3: Data rights return to individuals

How to express the essence of WEB3 in one sentence? I think WEB3 is the return of data rights to individuals. WEB2 is equivalent to allowing individuals to have a voice platform.

Thoughts on the winning project of Polkadot test environment slot auction

After the long-awaited beginning to come out, Polkadot's slot auction finally started. Just getting started now is its test environment, Rococo. This is just a testing environment.

Is the Ethereum L2 team anxious? Let's break down the cross-network high-speed channel solutions

Layer 2 expansion technology can help Ethereum achieve a leap forward in performance. In the long run, there is no problem in improving throughput by at least two orders of magnitude. However.

Innovators and revolutionaries dancing in the financial "Zion" world

"Let me make a small preview with you. We will make a series of about three episodes in the next week, and discuss the virtual currency with you systematically. We will start from Bitcoin and go to Ethereum. Fang.

Graphical swap exchange AMM model (market maker model)

The AMM model should be one of the biggest innovations in the current bull market and the currency market.AMM, Automated Market Maker market maker model. It means that in the transaction.

Dig deep into the "hidden boss" in the blockchain game and NFT world: MixMarvel

Original title: Today, let’s dig into a "hidden master" in the chain game and NFT world. In this new wave dominated by "DeFi gameplay + all things NFT".

Golden Morning Post | The premium rate of Grayscale BTC Trust and ETH Trust reached historical lows

Headline ▌The premium rate of Grayscale BTC Trust and ETH Trust has reached historical lowsThe data shows that the premium rate of Grayscale Bitcoin Trust is -14.34%, and the premium rate of Ethereum Trust is -13.54%.

Combining NFT assets and launching B20 tokens NFT can still play like this?

Original title: The guy painted a picture every day for decades and finally sold it for 69 million US dollarsOnce upon a time.

1confirmation Investment Notes: Why did we lead the investment in OpenSea in 2018?

Recently, the NFT trading platform OpenSea announced that it has received $23 million in financing led by a16z. Naval Ravikant, the co-founder of AngelList, and Balaji Srinivasan, the former CTO of Coinbase.