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Bitcoin energy consumption memorandum: Mining reduces the total carbon emissions of human society and accelerates the realization of carbon neutrality

Recently, the debate about redefining Bitcoin as a waste of energy and causing huge environmental damage has once again attracted attention. Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted Wednesday that Tesla has "paused the use of bitc.

Chief Investment Officer of Arca: Why Sushi is Seriously Undervalued

Recently, Jeff Dorman, chief investment officer of Arca, tweeted about why sushi is undervalued, and Mars Finance compiled it for readers. Interestingly, in November last year.

Golden Observation | Fancy Holidays These pizza "surroundings" are worth having

There is such a young man who, since 2010, has been talked about by people in the currency circle every May.This guy is called Laszlo Hanyecz. On May 22, 2010, he bought 2 pieces of Papa John's pizza with 10.

The comprehensive game between super-large traditional will and Bitcoin is the norm in the future

Introduction The war between the consortium and Bitcoin will be joined by national forces in the future. It is a multi-power game. This is a brand new world war.

The "de-Chineseization" of computing power is intensifying.Bitcoin mining and bookkeeping rights are being transferred to North America?

Summary of this issue: At present, the global Bitcoin mining computing power is undergoing a revolution.

May change the difficulty bomb of 519 tomorrow.

If it is said that this year’s Bitcoin bull market and the upsurge of shib have allowed a large number of outsiders to know and enter this market.

​Layer 2’s first hacking incident, fraud has a new trick to forge ID cards and steal coins

According to data from the PeckShield situational awareness platform, in the past month, a total of 33 prominent security incidents occurred in the entire blockchain ecosystem. There were 12 cases involving DeFi.

Tradeoff Study for Rollup Solutions.

As the development of the Ethereum ecosystem drives people's demand for block space, transactions on the base layer of Ethereum have become extremely expensive. However.

The cottage season is coming: Ethereum and DeFi are ready for another hot summer

Runaway Commentary: Is the Shanzhai season already here? ETH, DOGE, and other altcoins rallied to new highs this past weekend, driven by DeFi and Ethereum’s promise of a London hard fork. Altcoins such as Ether (ETH).

Data Pivot DAO: 523% increase in funds in half a year, and the growth rate of venture capital DAO is remarkable

Decentralized Autonomous Organization DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), as the name suggests.

Opinion: The animal carnival brought about by the SHIB surge may only owe a plunge

Today's animal department project‍ is still in a frenzy. It seems that most newcomers have made money. Just like last year's DEFI, the old leeks often missed the opportunity out of caution.

A ray of light in the dark forest of Ethereum: Understanding the game under the MEV competition

MEV may have opened up and formed a benefit redistribution market triggered by transparent transactions. Flashbots is expected to bring order to the dark forest, eliminate free-riding behavior.

Variant Fund Investor: 10 signs that Ethereum is about to hit $10,000

This article comes from Spencer Noon, a well-known investment institution Variant Fund investor, on Twitter, and compiled by Chain Catcher.According to Etherscan data.

How are cryptocurrencies doing today?

Madman writes every analysis article with a responsible, focused, and sincere attitude, with distinctive features, no artificiality.

In addition to the 100 billion market value Coinbase listing, there are these issues worthy of attention

Just tonight, the much-anticipated "first cryptocurrency stock" Coinbase is about to land on Nasdaq. This will also be another milestone and a new starting point in the field of cryptocurrency following the listing of.

Today's market event: The new USDT in 2021 has exceeded the total issuance of 7 years, and the major platform currencies have collectively risen

Summary of Hot Spots: 1. Federal Reserve Chairman Powell: The Federal Reserve is working hard to study digital currencies.2.

How strong is the "stamina" of the encryption market? 10 data tell you the answer

The latest data shows that as of April 14, Grayscale GBTC Trust has not increased its holdings of BTC for six consecutive weeks, as shown in the figure below. Grayscale BTC holdings At the same time.

Why should stablecoins be anchored to fiat currency?

From an evolutionary point of view, the third place should be decentralized applications. Who is after Bitcoin and Ethereum? According to statistics from Dune Analytics, as of March 21.

A whale transferred nearly 630,000 ETH Compound, and the locked value is approaching the milestone of 10 billion US dollars

"A whale transferred 630,000 ETH to the Compound protocol contract address, bringing Compound's total locked value (TVL) to $9.5 billion.

Golden DeFi Daily | Solidity will launch each version of NFT

DeFi data 1. Total market value of DeFi: $97.474 billion The data source of the top ten currency rankings by market capitalization is DeFiboxDeFi total market capitalization data source: Coingecko2.

Bitcoin broke $60,000 again, let's see what happened to the GBTC discount?

Bitcoin broke through $60,000 again this morning, the second time since March 14.If the gains can be maintained over the weekend.

Technology Weekly|Kusama has launched the parachain auction introduction page

This week's Technology Weekly includes technical news about the four networks of Ethereum, Polkadot, Filecoin, and EOS.Ethereum client Geth released version 1.10.2The Ethereum client Geth released version 1.10.2.

The market value of Bitcoin fell to $1 trillion again as the correction deepened

As the bitcoin market started to form another red daily candle, its market capitalization fell below $1 trillion again.The third sharp correction in this bull market is deepening.

Optimism mainnet delayed, why is it highly anticipated?

According to the news on March 26, Optimism, the most high-profile expansion project of Ethereum.

Golden Outpost | The Bank of Japan established a committee to promote central bank digital currency experiments

The Bank of Japan said on Friday that it has established a digital currency liaison coordination group and a liaison coordination committee to bring together policymakers and banking lobbyists to promote the smooth im.

Security, community governance, and innovation determine the upper limit of DeFi and NFT

"Bitcoin is attracting core customers in the banking industry," Fidelity Digital Assets executives said recently. The market value of Bitcoin has exceeded 1 trillion U.S. dollars.

Mu Changchun: Thoughts on the "Controllable Anonymity" of Digital RMB

"Controllable anonymity" is an important feature of digital renminbi. At present, the pilot test of digital renminbi is progressing steadily. Correspondingly.

Comparison of UNISWAP V3 version features and sushi limit orders The large-scale application of NFT in DeFi is about to rise

This article is from Knowledge Planet "Big Orange & Xiaotong's Dry Goods Shop", authored by Gavin.After long-awaited calls, Uniswapv3 aims to launch the L1 Ethereum mainnet on May 5.

What impact will the grayscale bitcoin fund, which accounts for 81% of institutional trading volume, have on the market at a discount?

The entry of institutional investors into Bitcoin has always been a major event that has subverted the crypto industry. The last Bitcoin halving was a year ago.

The inner monologue of the average gamer: How long are we away from buying cheap graphics cards?

Since September last year, graphics cards have not only been out of stock, but prices have also started to rise sharply, including the newly released Nvidia RTX 30 series and AMD RX 6000 series graphics cards. series.

Blockchain + copyright: Can NFT go out of the circle and make good use of technology to "break the thief in the heart"?

Recently, art lovers live broadcasted and burned the famous street artist Banksy's work "Fool".

Golden Sentinel|NBA team Dallas Mavericks accept Dogecoin payment

According to news on March 5, as part of a cooperation agreement with the encrypted payment service provider BitPay.

When NFT infrastructure such as NFT20, NFTfi, and Flow matures

Recently, NFT is very popular. In order to catch up with the hot spots, I wrote this article.In response to the NFT boom, Litecoin founder Li Qiwei tweeted: There are many similarities between NFT in 2021.

JPMorgan analyst: Cryptocurrency is the 'worst tool' to hedge against stock depreciation

Analysts at U.S. investment bank JPMorgan Chase issued another skeptical statement on Bitcoin.

Is Bitcoin Becoming a "Grey Rhino"?

The price of Bitcoin continues to rise, breaking through $50,000 and approaching the threshold of $60,000. The total market value exceeds $1 trillion. Is it becoming a "grey rhino"?As a Digital Asset.