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Gavin Wood announced for the first time the initial launch date of the Kusama parachain

At 3:25 am on May 20th, Beijing time, Polkadot founder Dr. Gavin Wood chatted with everyone online at the Polkadot Community Conference "Polkadot Decoded". In the chat.

5 must-reads in the evening | Nobel Laureate: Bitcoin may be worthless

After 1.5.21, 6 institutions suspended services for users in mainland ChinaThe act of rectifying the virtual currency market has risen to the height of the State Council.

Another harvest season of leeks, 1.1 million bitcoins in wallet addresses were cleared during the plunge.

In this wave of Bitcoin's decline, the most pitiful ones are the leeks who ran into the market and then jumped out of the building. The total number of addresses holding non-zero BTC balances has also dropped -2.8% fr.

HODLer is still adding positions amid the BTC panic decline?

Abstract: On-chain, we can observe a clear fork reaction, with new entrants panic selling and suffering losses.

Dismantling the Ethereum State Problem: A Serious Little-Known Threat

With this blog post, the purpose is to formally disclose a serious threat to the Ethereum platform. Before the Ethereum Berlin hard fork.

Find new|Pastel: NFT platform with machine learning screening

"Find New" is a blockchain project observation project launched by Jinse Finance. It covers the development of projects in various fields of the industry, and the specific design includes project overview.

From Tesla CEO to the father of Dogecoin, Musk does not love Bitcoin

Recently, Musk changed his previous attitude of supporting Bitcoin. He first tweeted that Bitcoin consumes too much energy, uses too much non-renewable energy and causes adverse environmental impacts.

Three minutes to understand what is Layer2, side chain, Rollups

Ethereum 1.0 has found a killer app in the DeFi ecosystem. However, as adoption increases, the scalability, robustness.

Golden Morning Post|Ethereum’s 24-hour short position liquidation hit a record high

▌Ethereum’s 24-hour short position liquidation volume hit a record highJinse Finance reported that on May 4, Ethereum hit a record high, and short liquidation also hit a new record. In total.

Golden Morning Post | Musk: I firmly believe in cryptocurrency

Headline ▌Musk: I firmly believe in cryptocurrencyGolden Finance reported that Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted: "To be clear, I firmly believe in cryptocurrencies.

MakerDAO moves toward decentralized governance

Maybe it's time to say "goodbye" to the Maker Foundation in advance.At 21:23:36 on May 3, Beijing time, at the block height of Ethereum 12361485, the Maker Foundation transferred 84.

The art market is always going on in secret: more than 60% of NFT collectors will "buy and hold"

This is a case of on-chain data visualization that has excited me for a long time. The author conducted a visual analysis of 16,198 NFT works created by 887 artists on SuperRare, involving 3.

NFT exchange may be involved in fraud or illegal business crime?

Original title: "Xiao Sa: NFT Exchange, Exploring China's Compliance"This article is written for domestic and foreign merchants engaged in NFT business, and it is not a science popularization for literacy. Therefore.

The New Currency War: Starting with Central Bank Digital Currency

The digital economy is becoming an important engine leading global economic and social transformation and promoting the high-quality development of my country's economy.

Vegan Billionaire Upends Cryptocurrency Market Next May Upend Stock Market

By Alexander Osipovich This article is excerpted from the article "This Vegan Billionaire Disrupted the Crypto Markets. Stocks May Be Next" originally published in The Wall Street Journal.

Long Tail Innovation of Synthetic Assets: How to Invent New Assets That Don't Exist in Traditional Finance

Note: The original author is Hart Lambur, the founder of the UMA protocol.A common question we have at UMA is how to define "synthetic assets". On the Bankless podcast earlier this year, David, Ryan.

Shelby Doolittl joins Fractal as Head of Blockchain

Shelby Doolittle is located in the United States and has worked at Google for 5 years. She was promoted in the first year of work. After a while, he left Google to start his own business.

It is more urgent for DEFI to make assets cross-chain.How to realize the harmony of assets on the chain?

Since the birth of Bitcoin in 2009, while the value of Bitcoin has been gradually discovered and confirmed, hundreds of altcoins have also been developed.

Golden Observation | $4.6 billion Bitcoin futures were liquidated, how will the future market go?

On the morning of April 18, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin experienced a crash.According to the data, based on the calculation of the 24-hour rise and fall on April 18, Bitcoin plummeted 17%, Ethereum plummeted 20%.

We are still in June 2017? Sharing of several bitcoin long-term valuation indices.

Hello everyone, I am Pepe. Today is another day when I feel that the situation is small. Visually.

Xiao Sa: Types of USDT Civil Disputes and Judgment Ideas

Last week, a friend asked us about the risks associated with USDT transactions. Sister Sa's team believes that, at present, regarding issues such as the validity of relevant contracts in USDT transactions.

Milestone: Can Coinbase start the wave of listings on crypto exchanges?

After the listing of Coinbase, can the "traditional" centralized cryptocurrency exchange usher in a new wave of leapfrog development? Since the birth of Bitcoin.

The Filecoin FIP-0014 proposal will be implemented on April 13.Will the circulation of FIL increase significantly?

According to official news, Filecoin's improvement proposal FIP-0014 on allowing V1 proof sectors to extend up to 540 days has been passed and will be implemented at 6:00 on April 13.More than 200 miners participated.

Golden Observation丨Is NFT really as "fragrant" as advertised by the outside world?

Golden Finance Blockchain April 7 News I believe that the most popular application in the blockchain field in 2021 will be NFT. In February alone, NFT transactions totaled $340 million.

The next turning point should be when UNISWAP V3 starts

Decentralized DAPP is different from centralized APP because it is in a very early stage.Most of the founders who are very good are not keen on speculating in coins.

4.Market at noon on May: small funds cannot hold back the price, pay attention to risks.

According to data from OKEx, the current spot price of BTC/USDT is $57,200, with a 24-hour drop of 1%.Bitcoin oscillated for many days near the intensive selling pressure area around $60,000.

Mathematical Principles of Uni V3

Preface——Uniswap V3 (hereinafter referred to as Uni V3) has released many features, but its most essential iteration is still the rethinking of the AMM mathematical curve. In the past two years.

5 must-reads in the evening | 20 essential tools for people in the currency circle (collection)

1. A quick overview of the Ethereum expansion solution ecosystemMessari recently published a research report "Ecosystem of Ethereum Scaling Solutions".

Several cryptocurrency industry trends that are still worthy of attention in 2021.

In any case, 2020 has been a chaotic and unpredictable year. However, despite the many uncertainties in the cryptocurrency market.

The launch of the Optimism mainnet is postponed to July: the Ethereum Layer 2 track is like a public chain in 2017.

Before the arrival of Ethereum 2.0, Layer 2 is the only way for Ethereum to solve the high Gas fee and network congestion.There is even a view that Layer 2 will replace the sharding scheme of Ethereum 2.0 - if Ethereu.

First release | Filecoin Ecological Project Investment Guide (Chapter 1)

This article was originally created by Huobi DeFi Labs and authorized by Jinse Finance to publish. Opening Summary This series is mainly aimed at investors, participants in the Filecoin ecosystem.

Golden DeFi Daily | SIL.There is a high-risk vulnerability in the Finance contract.

DeFi data 1. Total market value of DeFi: $93.744 billion The data source of the top ten currency rankings by market capitalization is DeFiboxDeFi total market capitalization data source: Coingecko2.

Noisy? To sing more or to sing empty? Big investment banks are worried about Bitcoin

Big investment banks have mixed views on Bitcoin and its place in the world. According to a report by Deutsche Bank.

What are the good things to buy in the encryption index? The imagination space may not be open yet

Author of this article: Messari analyst Roberto Talamas In the past year, the encryption market has been on a carnival and growing at an alarming rate. Spurred on by the pandemic.

The Silver Crisis in the Late Ming Dynasty and the Future of Bitcoin

We often see in TV dramas that heroes of the Water Margin or knights often throw a silver ingot to buy goods. But in fact.