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The floating profit exceeds 15 billion U.S.dollars.This Dogecoin address may be related to Musk

Four months ago, some members of the Dogecoin community began to notice the address DH5yaieqoZN36fDVciNyRueRGvGLR3mr7L because the number of Dogecoins held by it exceeded 1/4 of the total amount. It also surpassed $23.

The six major banks have invested nearly 100 billion in financial technology.How far can supply chain finance go under the blockchain?

"21st Century Business Herald" news: The release of the 2020 bank annual reports has come to an end. The previous annual reports of the six major banks have been released.

Minutes of the Federal Reserve meeting: Controversy continues.Will monetary policy continue to loosen or tighten?

Original title: "Fed meeting minutes hint to discuss tapering bond purchases, Summers accuses Fed of creating 'complacency' on inflation"On Wednesday afternoon Eastern time.

Don't look at market pullbacks through the eyes of old-school traders

In recent days, in addition to the sharp drop in the price of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin regulatory issues stump the SEC? It does not affect the continued entry of financial giants.

Under the recent violent bull market performance in the cryptocurrency market, Gary Gensler, the new chairman of the US SEC.

EOS price increases by 100% after protocol upgrade increases staking rewards

As the blockchain space continues to evolve, occasional protocol updates are necessary to ensure projects keep up with the latest developments and provide users with the best possible user experience.EOS’s recent prot.

Is it true that Musk said that Bitcoin wastes resources and pollutes the environment?

Bitcoin "supporter" and Tesla founder Elon Musk tweeted in the early morning, saying that Bitcoin consumes too much energy, uses too much non-renewable energy and causes adverse environmental impacts.

Why Anthropologists Are More Interested In Bitcoin Than Economists

Note, the original author is MICK MORUCCI The following is the full text compilation: Mainstream economists are famous for criticizing Bitcoin, on the other hand.

Golden trend丨Knowing the history and learning from the present BTC may usher in a doubling market

Let's look at the relationship between the long-term trend of Bitcoin miners' income and the trend of Bitcoin spot prices. The research can find that although the current price has far exceeded the 20.

An overview of AMM derivatives DEX platform.

In the traditional financial world, the trading volume of derivatives is higher than that of the spot market. Taking the foreign exchange market as an example.

The Ethereum Gas fee has dropped to a new low this year and this is caused by 4 key factors

Ethereum is the biggest gainer on the daily chart among the major cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, up 4.9% at the time of writing to trade at $2,328.58.

Weekly Industry Summary: 312 The Curse Returns 1 Hour Explosion 10 Billion SEC Officially Reviews Bitcoin ETF

Summary of Hot Spots: 1. South Korea will strengthen the monitoring of illegal virtual asset transactions and crack down on Bitcoin arbitrage transactions.2.

Project Weekly | ETH gas price dropped to the lowest point since early 2021

Golden Weekly is a weekly blockchain industry summary column launched by Golden Finance, covering key news, market and contract data, mining information, project trends.

Find New | Polkadex: A Decentralized Trading Platform on Polkadot

"Find New" is a blockchain project observation project launched by Jinse Finance. It covers the development of projects in various fields of the industry, and the specific design includes project overview.

AFintech announced the establishment of strategic cooperation with

AFintech, a world-renowned blockchain service platform, announced a strategic partnership with Xangle. Xangle is the main destination for digital asset insight and crypto disclosure.

The NFT open platform Fangible settled in Heco and simultaneously launched a million-dollar recruitment plan for NFT artists

On April 19, Fangible, an NFT open platform launched by the decentralized auction platform Bounce Finance, announced that it had been successfully deployed to Heco.

Dogecoin soared 200% overnight and has soared 100 times this year

On the evening of the 16th, another cryptocurrency, Dogecoin, became popular in the sky. It once soared by more than 200% tonight, and the price soared by more than 100 times during the year.

Wall Street Journal: ETF may bring great development to Bitcoin investment

Bitcoin ETFs can bring institutions a lower-cost investment channel, but for cryptocurrency-savvy investors.

Digital dollar is the future? Wall Street: The next "disruptive force" is it

Financial Associated Press (Shanghai, editor Huang Junzhi) News, with the rise of cryptocurrencies, Wall Street is gradually accepting a view that the next "disruptive force" will be a digital dollar.

Golden Morning Post | The preliminary comment period for VanEck ETF application has ended, whether it is approved or will be decided next month.

Headline ▌Federal Reserve Kaplan: Bitcoin is a store of valueFed Kaplan says Bitcoin is a store of value but fails the money test.

CEO An Xinxin: In the era of great changes in the blockchain, build an industry ecology with innovation

On April 10th, the "DeFi Innovation and Advancement" special session of the "DeFi Innovation and Advanced" conference hosted by Jinse Finance and named by TRON was held in Shanghai.At the meeting, An Xinxin.

Golden Trend丨Knowing history and learning today may be here when BTC peaked

The above picture shows the long-term trend of BTC from the opening date to the present. The research shows that the duration of the previous rounds of BTC bull markets has specific rules.

The blockchain electronic invoice based on transaction authentication has achieved initial results

In order to encourage consumers to develop the habit of asking for invoices and promote the use of blockchain electronic invoices, on the morning of March 26.

Overview of recent hot staking: the decline of old coins and the breakthrough of popular coins

As the battle turns and the stars move, bulls come and bears go. As the prelude to Defi paved the way and slowly opened the curtain of this round of bull market.

Coin Metrics: Why is the gas fee of Ethereum so high?

By Nate Maddrey and the Coin Metrics Team Ethereum adoption is growing like never before. Decentralized finance (DeFi) continues to rise rapidly, stablecoins are adopted globally.

How many bitcoins can you buy a Tesla?

On March 24, Tesla's US official website supported the use of Bitcoin for payment. As soon as the news came out, Bitcoin rose by US$1,000 in the short term, and the cryptocurrency Ethereum rose in the short term.

5 must-reads in the evening | How to review the audit report of the smart contract?

1. BM published the EdenOS roadmap suggestion, can it save the declining EOS?EdenOS aims to make the EOS mainnet "the most decentralized, transparent.

Data: The average daily trading volume of South Korea's top cryptocurrency exchanges exceeds that of the country's stock market

Trading volume in South Korea's digital currency market briefly exceeded the daily average for the country's stock market on Sunday.

Why are NFTs so hard to explain?

I keep seeing NFT supporters complain that Bitcoin holders "don't get it". As the saying goes, Bitcoin holders are to NFTs.

42 companies hold 1.3 million bitcoins worth over $65 billion

Since Microstrategy moved its vast reserves to Bitcoin, many companies have followed suit. According to the portal

Golden Morning Post | The U.S.Senate will consider the economic stimulus bill this week

Headline ▌The U.S. Senate will consider the economic stimulus bill this weekU.S. Senate Majority Leader Schumer said the Senate will consider the economic stimulus bill this week. Market As of press time.

After three years of hard work, Bitget vows to be a wall-breaker in the contract field

Looking at all walks of life, the teams that can successfully reach the top of the industry are either "big and comprehensive" industry giants.

Where does the high income of DeFi mining come from? sustainable?

One of the main narratives of decentralized finance DeFi is that ordinary people will have to move their fiat currency to the DeFi space given the high yield of DeFi. From an empirical point of view.

Golden Outpost | Ethereum broke through the $2,000 mark for the first time."New power" has arrived on the battlefield

At 11:54 on February 19, Beijing time, ETH rose in the short term, breaking through the $2,000 mark and hitting a new high.As of press time, ETH is quoted at $2017. Since the beginning of 2021.

From CryptoPunk to HashMasks: Why Digital Identity Artworks Are Exploding

Editor's note We are living in an era of great migration. More and more people began to migrate to the blockchain, where they gained their wealth and friends, reshaped their values.