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Does the concentrated explosion of altcoins herald the peak of the cryptocurrency market?

Altseason refers to the outbreak period of altcoins. Some people think that this is just an "ordinary digital currency bull market", but in my opinion.

Carbon Emissions Are Nearly Zero and Power Dissipation Is Nuclear Power Suitable for Bitcoin Mining?

Nuclear power is theoretically the most suitable energy source for Bitcoin mining.The current energy consumption problem caused by Bitcoin mining has attracted global attention.

Must-read of the week | What stage has DeFi developed to?

1.MEV Era Miner-extractable value, or MEV, has gradually permeated every aspect of DeFi.

Gold everywhere? Accumulation and distribution of chips

Hello everyone, I am Pepe who is going to apply for a Meituan rider if I fall a little bit more. Haha, just kidding. But there are two extremes. I can't help you much, that is.

Top Market Makers Review Uniswap V3: What Factors Sustain Effective Market Making Strategies in V3?

Compared with V2, Uniswap V3 market making requires finer adjustments and higher frequency of intervention. This also means that through parameter adjustment.

Find New | Notional Finance: Fixed Rate Loan

"Find New" is a blockchain project observation project launched by Jinse Finance. It covers the development of projects in various fields of the industry, and the specific design includes project overview.

What does it mean that the cost of holding positions has risen rapidly after 519?

Madman writes every analysis article with a responsible, focused, and sincere attitude, with distinctive features, no artificiality.

Ray Dalio: "I have some bitcoins"

Fears of a looming global debt crisis have turned the world's top hedge fund managers from being skeptical of Bitcoin (BTC) to gradually accepting it.Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater.

When insurance meets blockchain, read DeFi insurance in one article

In the traditional financial industry, insurance is one of the most important cornerstones. In relatively developed financial markets.

Why You Don't Need to Worry About a Bitcoin Ban

Worried about getting banned? Then You Need Bitcoin More Than You ThinkSkeptics often argue that when Bitcoin becomes too important and threatens U.S. sovereignty.

Guard your "money bag" and prevent "typical scams of virtual assets"

Huobi will consider launching Pi Network (Pi): According to the official announcement, Huobi will pay close attention to the update trend of the main network of its project.

5.Market at noon on July: An active-zce market hides a crisis

The article is contributed by the blockchain analysis of Niu Qi.

Bitcoin hash power is shifting from China to North America

Recently, the average BTC computing power once again broke through a record high, rising to 172.36 EH/s. In this crazy overweight arms race.

Encrypted assets have plummeted or some countries directly choose to ban them due to supervision

Editor's note: Encrypted assets have plummeted almost across the board today.

The Sword of Damocles for DeFi Lending Users: The Protocol’s Clearing Mechanism

It is said that the most stable way to make money in the currency circle is zero money and free whoring. Looting often requires a lot of labor.

How can we win the psychological game between retail investors and dealers?

In the bull market, how do we seize the trend, make stable profits, and avoid lightning crises. At the beginning of 2021, Bitcoin has not stopped its growth momentum, breaking through the highs of 56.

Can Eth2 staking be compounded? An article to understand the token mechanism of the pledge pool

The Eth2 beacon chain has been online for nearly 5 months, during which time a large number of third-party staking platforms have emerged.

Project Weekly | The price of Ethereum breaks a new high, and the market value ranks up to 25th

Golden Weekly is a weekly blockchain industry summary column launched by Golden Finance, covering key news, market and contract data, mining information, project trends.

A quick look at the differences between BTC, BCH, and BSV, as well as their respective advantages and disadvantages

Original title: "Popular Science | What are BTC, BCH, and BSV fighting for?" "When the block capacity of BTC was gradually approaching the upper limit a few years ago.

Golden DeFi Daily | The total amount of DeFi lending platform borrowing exceeds 18 billion US dollars

DeFi Data 1. The total market value of DeFi: 117.907 billion US dollars The data source of the top ten currency rankings by market capitalization is DeFiboxDeFi total market capitalization data source: Coingecko2.

The "root" of digital currency and digital assets is in the service entity

On the evening of April 18, the first live broadcast of the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2021 attracted great attention from all walks of life. Zhou Xiaochuan, vice chairman of the Boao Forum for Asia.

Golden trend丨BTC must break through here if it wants to start a new round of trend

According to Glassnode data, on Sunday, institutions transferred 12,638 bitcoins, worth about $769.4 million, from Coinbase within 10 minutes.According to CoinMarketCap data.

It's boiling, Bitcoin has reached a new high, 130,000 people have liquidated their positions, and Tesla's beautiful pictures have made a lot of money

Original title-zce "Boiling! Bitcoin reached a new high, 130,000 people broke their positions, but these two companies made a lot of money! A $100 Billion Cryptocurrency Exchange Is Listed Today »On April 13.

If you don’t understand Polkadot, ask: How to participate in the parachain auction of Polkadot ecological projects?

Original title: Ask if you don’t understand | Parachain teams can lease up to 48 weeks of Kusama slotsWith the restart and testing of Rococo, the Polkadot parachain test network.

The new algorithm stable currency Fei Protocol will be launched soon.You must understand the triple risks

Note: The original author is Brianna Montgomery, co-founder of Fei Protocol.FEI is a highly scalable, decentralized.

Golden Observation|US CFTC Iron Fist BitMEX Founder Pleads Guilty

The founder of BitMEX, the leading derivatives exchange in the cryptocurrency industry, has decided to succumb to the iron fist of the United States.According to Bloomberg News on April 7.

Is Bitcoin Mining Really a Waste of Energy? No PoW efficiency

Many people think that Bitcoin's proof-of-work (PoW) mechanism is a "waste of electricity". I am trying to explain to you: In fact, everything is energy, currency is also energy.

OKLink Industry Observation: 7 things you must know about FIL and distributed storage

Last week, the digital asset market ushered in a brief correction, and mainstream assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum and the DeFi sector generally declined. Under the negative market sentiment.

Blockchain World Chronicle | FileStar Wenquxing: How to build a new generation of Internet infrastructure for Web3.0?

What will the new generation of Internet look like? How to build a blockchain-based Web3.0? At 14:00 on April 7, Jinse Finance invited Moon, the technical director of FileStar.

Golden Atlas | When will the SEC approve a Bitcoin ETF?

Fidelity, Goldman Sachs, Skybridge Capital, and Chicago Board Options Exchange all rushed forward. When will the US SEC approve the Bitcoin ETF application?Golden Morning | Overview of important overnight news on July.

Blockchain World Chronicle | Chainlink Yu Wenqing: Detailed Explanation of Oracle Machine Security Issues and Future Development Trends

DeFi projects have frequent security issues, how to avoid the risk of the oracle track? How will the oracle machine develop in the future?At 14:00 on March 22.

Can SumSwap three-point DEX market?

Not long ago, Uniswap, the leader in the DEX industry, ranked eighth in market value, with a market value of 16.8 billion U.S. dollars.

Find New|PolkaFoundry: Polkadot's one-stop DApp factory

"Find New" is a blockchain project observation project launched by Jinse Finance. It covers the development of projects in various fields of the industry, and the specific design includes project overview.

Golden Data Reading | DeFi Weekly Data Quick View (3.15-3.21)

According to Jinse Finance, according to data from OKLink, the top three currencies with the highest gains this week are: Sake, which rose by 93.50% on the 7th.

Eth2 Progress Update: Beacon Chain, Testnet, Tools, Altair

Gitcoin grants matching round 9 is underway! Even a very small donation means a lot.