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How to understand the recent regulatory policies: Take the introduction of "Eight Measures to Combat Mining" in Inner Mongolia as an example

Yesterday, the official account of the Inner Mongolia Development and Reform Commission issued a public solicitation for the "Eight Measures of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Development and Reform Commission on.

JP Morgan analysts say institutional investors dump Bitcoin for gold

JPMorgan still sees $140,000 as a long-term theoretical target for the price of Bitcoin.Author: HELEN PARTZ | Compiler: Maya | Source: Cointelegraph ChineseAs bitcoin hit a five-month low near $30,000.

Virtual assets enter public financial management: a new choice in the "long tail era of investment democratization"?

Before you knew it, did you also see the following plot unfold?I don't know when it started, the giants suddenly stopped "attacking". From the Internet, finance, community, technology, cloud.

Bitcoin may explode again in the second half of the year

After a massive first quarter rally, Bitcoin (BTC) has been relatively quiet so far in the second quarter, even as Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE) and other cryptoassets exploded.In 2020 and early 2021.

Lending application has become the "hardest hit area" of DeFi TVL loss

The violent fluctuations in the encrypted asset market have once again confirmed the "one day in the currency circle.

What other big IPs are available for NFT behind the explosion of NBA Top Shot?

In the first quarter of this year, the NBA Top Shot, which was born out of nowhere, rekindled investors' enthusiasm for the NFT collectibles market, which was almost extinguished. Going out of the circle.

Understand the evolution of DeFi's four major financial primitives: liquidity, leverage, risk and arbitrage

The development of DeFi is advancing by leaps and bounds, and various innovations based on composability emerge in an endless stream.

First Release | Ouyi OKEx Research Institute: Discuss several controversial issues of Uniswap V3

This article was originally created by Ouyi OKEX Research Institute, authorized by Jinse Finance to publish.Just like the Apple conference known as the "Feast of Technologists", Uniswap.

Cryptocurrency IPO: Who's next to go public after Coinbase?

The successful listing of Coinbase (ticker: COIN) is a milestone for the cryptocurrency industry.

Synthetix founder: BSC and Solana sounded the alarm to the Ethereum community.

Synthetix founder Kain Warwick expressed his concerns about the development of Ethereum after interacting with the BSC and Solana communities.

Analysis of the judge's train of thought in cryptocurrency hard fork cases

Recently, Ethereum completed the Berlin hard fork upgrade. This fork includes four new EIP improvement proposals, which will mainly affect the calculation of gas fees for transactions. At present.

Xiong Yue and Wan Hui's peak dialogue: the top of the bull market is about 200,000 US dollars

Jinse Finance reported on the spot that on April 24, the "2021 New Infrastructure Blockchain Summit" was held in Chengdu, sponsored by Inbit, jointly sponsored by Jinse Finance and Yikuang.

The U.S.SEC postpones the approval of Bitcoin ETF, and Bitcoin has little short-term volatility

According to the media, the U.S. SEC on Wednesday postponed the decision deadline for the approval of the VanEck Bitcoin ETF from May 3 to June 17. From the formal submission of the application.

Golden DeFi Daily | Warner Music will develop virtual images and virtual props NFT for its stars

1. DeFi total market capitalization: $130.749 billion Market capitalization top ten currency ranking data source DeFibox DeFi total market capitalization data source: Coingecko2.

Berlin Hard Fork Bug due to gas consumption divergence at “0x10” address

The bug in the single client of Ethereum OpenEthereum at block #12244294 caused the Ethereum network to shut down at that time.

Taking the express train of blockchain, what has Xiong'an New District done?

"I hope that the blockchain will become the underlying facility of production and life like the Internet." ——Li Jun, director of the Xiongan New Area Blockchain LaboratoryOn December 14, 2020.

Open Source Projects, NFTs, and Simplified Harberger Taxes.

DAOrayaki DAO Research Bonus Pool: Funding Address: 0xCd7da526f5C943126fa9E6f63b7774fA89E88d71 Voting Progress: DAO Committee 6/7 Passed Total Bounty: 50 USDC Research Type: NFT Pricing.

Blockchain World Chronicle | Dialogue with Busy: Building DAO Engine on Ethereum

What problems can be solved by deploying DAO on Ethereum?At 17:00 on April 19th, Jinse Finance held a new issue of "Blockchain · World Chronicle".

Is it a huge profit to buy a mining machine? Risk reminder for Crust mining without currency pledge

Recently, investors have turned their attention to the track of distributed storage. Filecoin has been rising all the way.

Coinbase CEO Open Letter: Coinbase listing is a milestone (full text)

Coinbase co-founder and CEO Brian Armstrong issued an open letter stating that today's listing on Nasdaq is a milestone.

Li Wei of the Central Bank: Three Effects and Three Directions of Legal Digital Currency Standard Construction

Recently, Li Wei, deputy chairman of the National Financial Standardization Technical Committee and director of the Science and Technology Department of the People's Bank of China.

A sword to seal the throat: Uniswap V3 leads AMM to launch a charge to CEX

Yesterday morning, we interrupted the official announcement of Uniswap V3 at the end of the article. Since everyone has been looking forward to V3 for a long time.

Can quantum computing pose a threat to Bitcoin

There are already a lot of hoaxes and urban legends out there about quantum computing. Our imaginations are strong enough to make us believe that the Loch Ness Monster would pull people underwater.

Golden Observation丨Why is NFT so exciting?

Golden Finance Blockchain March 22 News I believe that NFT should be the most popular application in the blockchain field in 2021.

Sichuan rules to follow? FinCEN's anti-money laundering new policy may push Bitcoin into a new round of storm

In early spring and March, everything recovers. The cryptocurrency industry ushered in a long-lost bull market. But in the near future, Biden may have to resolve a "Bitcoin War." Although it has not yet started.

3.5 Evening Market: A good opportunity for panic is coming again?

The article is contributed by Biquan Beiming, the columnist of Jinse Finance and Economics, and his remarks only represent his personal views.

Even if it is attacked, why can the DeFi protocol "spring wind blows again"?

Original title: Even if the DeFi protocol is attacked, will it be "reborn" soon?For the development of DeFi, the risk of security attacks cannot be taken lightly. Because of this.

Golden Morning Post | Microstrategy purchased 205 BTC again at an average purchase price of $48,888

Headline ▌Microstrategy purchased 205 BTC again at an average purchase price of $48,888MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor announced on Twitter that MicroStrategy bought another 205 bitcoins with $10 million in cash.

Four strategies to play with options

Options are a handy tool for sophisticated investors, and they provide diversified exposure to different assets in different ways. Whether it's hedging against volatility, speculating with leveraged exposure.

In-depth analysis: The Federal Reserve mentions five prerequisites for the issuance of central bank digital currency.

Money is a social and legal structure based on trust, but now, the concept of money has evolved. In 1914, the Federal Reserve issued paper money for the first time, which also created a new monetary era. Now.

Forecast: Which ones will become the highlights of the cryptocurrency market in 2021?

Original title: 8 predictions for the cryptocurrency market in 2021Cryptocurrency usage has skyrocketed to new heights in 2020, a trend that will continue in 2021. Bitcoin started the year at a record high of $48.

The cryptocurrency world is watching Amazon's developments with great interest

The cryptocurrency world is watching Amazon's development with great interest after company founder Jeff Bezos announced that he is stepping down as the company's CEO.In an official announcement.

SWIFT: International Settlement and Digital RMB

A month ago, a piece of news like a stone stirred up thousands of waves: On January 16, five domestic clearing institutions.

Challenge the leader of DEX? Multi-dimensional comparison between MDEX and Uniswap

In December 2020, Huobi officially launched the ecological chain Heco. From the performance point of view, Heco's TPS can reach 500+, the transaction confirmation time is about 3 seconds.

Why is there no "incentive" in the alliance chain system?

If there is no application scenario and a good original intention, similar to the original Bitcoin system.