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The leading Chia mining pool "exits" This article explores the shocking inside story behind the mining pool

Guide: Recently, there has been such a news in the mining circle that Chia’s top five UUPOOL mining pools suddenly announced that they will be offline from the Chia mining pool business. UU mining pool "run away"? Rec.

Discuss the eight measures proposed to punish "mining" in a certain place.

On May 25, 2021, an autonomous region organized and drafted the "Eight Measures of the Development and Reform Commission of an Autonomous Region on Resolutely Combating and Punishing Virtual Currency "Mining" Behavior.

Nearly 50% drop in a week, what are Bitcoin Hodlers doing?

The Bitcoin market has just experienced the largest deleveraging event since the sell-off wave in March 2020. The BTC market price fell from a one-week high of $59,463 to a low of $31,327.

DFINITY and Ethereum are foolishly indistinguishable? Four dimensions take you to understand the similarities and differences between the two

Ethereum wants to become a supercomputer; DFINITY vision is positioned as an Internet computer. What are the similarities and differences between the two? This article will sort out this introduction.

Talking about PoW and PoS: Power and Wealth Distribution in Encrypted Economy

Note: The original author is Ryan Watkins The following is the full text compilation: Imagine that you are designing a new economic system from scratch.

Bitcoin's "dominance" fades, Ethereum, DOGE, XRP and other tokens are fully blooming

Bitcoin continued to trade sideways this week, with Ethereum (ETH) and other altcoins becoming bright spots. In terms of market value, Bitcoin’s dominance has dropped from 75% to below 50% in 2021.

Layer2finance: The appearance of scaling, the future of DeFi portals

As we all know, DeFi promotes open on-chain financial activities through its composability and permissionlessness, and quickly forms a more efficient currency market through various DeFi protocols. However.

Fomo on Meme Street: Vitalik VS Shiba

A few months ago, Doge dominated the town, and now it takes a magnifying glass to find him.New funds can bring new liquidity. Doge had hoped that the fluidity would clean up the dirt from the streets. But he was wrong.

Dapp industry overview in April: DeFi is still hot and NFT is cold?

With the DeFi ecology taking the top spot as always, April 2021 is an exciting month for the decentralized application industry, and the sales prices in the NFT market continue to break new highs. Meanwhile.

Golden DeFi Daily | The circulation of Uniswap V3 exceeded 500 million US dollars.

DeFi data 1. DeFi total market capitalization: $131.417 billion market capitalization top ten currency ranking data source DeFiboxDeFi total market capitalization data source: Coingecko2.

Golden DeFi Daily | SUSHI has successfully cross-chained to Heco

DeFi data 1. DeFi total market capitalization: $119.183 billion market capitalization top ten currency ranking data source DeFibox DeFi total market capitalization data source: Coingecko2.

Why is Ethereum throwing away the big pie and running all the way?

Ethereum rose to an all-time high above $2,700 on Wednesday, and then fell back slightly. According to the comparison terminal, the price of Ethereum was $2.

Foreign media: Digital RMB is expected to "spread rapidly"

In Shanghai, China's commercial hub, six large state-owned banks are quietly promoting the digital yuan ahead of the May 5 shopping festival to offer consumers an alternative to Alipay and WeChat Pay.

6.Who is selling Bitcoin in the 40,000 drop from the address transfer on the chain.

Bitcoins are divided according to the time since they were last moved.

Founder of Ampleforth: Why we issue governance token FORTH

Why FORTH? Why now?Today, the algorithmic stablecoin project Ampleforth officially airdropped its governance token FORTH, more than 70,000 addresses received its airdrop.

Xiao Sa: Money laundering? NFT may become a new favorite

Since NFT came out of the circle, because of its transparent price, clear authenticity, and easy "transportation" and other characteristics.

Well-known analyst PlanB: Bitcoin price drop does not mean the end of the bull market

The price of Bitcoin has fallen in the past day or so, falling from highs above $60,000 to below $50,000. However, according to PlanB, a well-known cryptocurrency analyst.

Cryptocurrency fund Stacker Ventures project progress report: Fund No.1 exceeded the subscription target of US$5 million

Hi, Stackers! In the past few weeks, the Stacker Ventures community and core developers have continued to invest in the advancement of various tasks and have made good progress. The following is a summary of the lates.

An article illustrating the development route of Ethereum

The following is adapted from a talk on Friday, April 9th. This article is about the path to the future of Ethereum. The Eth2 developer team refers to the current Ethereum as "eth1".

Freedom and despair Bitcoin appeals to different people for different reasons

Original title: The relationship between hyperinflation and BitcoinIn times of turmoil that can result from a post-war crisis or a prolonged recession in a country’s economy.

In-depth understanding of "on-chain data cycle" to grasp the Bitcoin market stage

This article is jointly written by Bitcoin Magazine and Glassnode, showing the data world on the Bitcoin chain for Bitcoin players. Bitcoin has proven to be a cyclical asset, characterized by sharp price rises.

4.24 Evening Quotes: How much space is left below the bottom of the BTC golden needle

The article is contributed by Biquan Beiming, the columnist of Jinse Finance and Economics, and his remarks only represent his personal views.

4.27 Evening market: When will the low-end Dayang line be in the car?

The article is contributed by Biquan Beiming, the columnist of Jinse Finance and Economics, and his remarks only represent his personal views.

Is NFT a gimmick or a real trend?

A menacing digital art investment frenzy is quietly sweeping our Internet life. So weird, but so unbelievably real: On February 19, 2021, with the hammer down of an online auction.

WeStarter reached a strategic cooperation with Dora Factory

WeStarter, an initial exchange platform for cross-chain tokens, has reached a strategic cooperation with DAO-as-a-Service infrastructure Dora Factory. In this cooperation.

Grayscale GBTC's negative premium hits a new high.What impact will it have on the market after being converted into an ETF?

As the world's largest encrypted asset management company and the largest buyer of Bitcoin, Grayscale's every move has attracted much attention.On the evening of April 5th.

Golden Morning Post | The new algorithmic stable currency FeiProtocol announced the closure of the burn mechanism

Headlines ▌The new algorithmic stablecoin FeiProtocol announced the closure of the burn mechanism The new algorithmic stablecoin FeiProtocol announced the closure of the burn mechanism to deal with the previous incent.

Golden Outpost|ForceDAO plans to launch new tokens and restart airdrops on April 20

On April 7, the on-chain fund DeFi project Force DAO published an article saying that it will launch a remedial plan to the community in response to the attack on April 4.

Goldman Sachs Group provides investors with ETFs as a new channel to invest in Bitcoin

Banking giant Goldman Sachs has applied for approval of a new exchange-traded fund (ETF) to increase exposure to bitcoin.

How does the Ethereum L2 technology stand in line? Count the six cross-network high-speed channel solutions

Layer 2 expansion technology can help Ethereum achieve a leap forward in performance. In the long run, there is no problem in improving throughput by at least two orders of magnitude. However.

ZB Research Report March (Part 2): Encrypted art NFT has gathered institutions and Wall Street giants.

Introduction: In the encryption industry, new hotspots will appear almost every once in a while, such as the summer of Defi in 2020 and the cross-chain Polkadot in early 2021. In this turbulent market.

SwapAll launched the algorithmic stable currency Sato and successfully unlocked the "head mine benefits"

SwapAll reappears the wealth code. On March 17, 2021, SwapAll launched the algorithm stable currency sato.

Theta Network's market value enters the top 10: Mainnet 3.0 will be released on April 21.

As of March 23, the market value of Theta Network token THETA was 11.593 billion US dollars, entering the top 10 of the total market value of cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin continued to fall and approached the $53,000 mark just because of Powell's words?

In the Asian session on Tuesday, Bitcoin continued the decline last night. As of 13:27, Bitcoin fell by nearly $1,000 in the short term, approaching the $53.

How the hoarding party started the DeFi journey

1. Change your mentality first Hoarding coins is static, but defi is dynamic, and this change needs to be accepted. Prerequisite: Learn the Ethereum wallet and operate it proficiently.